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How to win at recruiting in five steps

The difficulties tech companies, particularly in the Silicon Valley area, are having recruiting engineering talent, has been attracting lots of attention lately. For technology companies of all shapes and sizes, people are a huge asset, and that means recruiting is crucial to a company's success.

Unfortunately, recruiting the right people who are going to help your business grow and succeed can be difficult under most circumstances.

Here are five tips for winning the recruiting game... 


Google's troubles recruiting and retaining

Recruiting and retaining 'the best and brightest' is the goal of most companies, and that explains why, for most companies, doing so is a tough job.

Unless, of course, you're one of the most recognized companies in your industry and can offer your employees a top-notch salary, the ability to work on interesting things, and a modicum of "I work at..." prestige.


One in five employees uses social media to criticise the boss

Almost 40% of UK employees use social networks to criticise their workplace, while one in five take a pop at their boss, according to a new survey. 

The research was carried out by MyJobGroup, which surveyed 1,000 UK employees. The results suggest that HR departments need to clearer about their policies on employees' use of social media. 

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Dealing with freelancers: five common mistakes

If you're an entrepreneur or run a small business, chances are you've hired a freelancer or considered hiring a freelancer. And for good reason: when you don't need or can't afford an employee, freelance labor gives you access to talented workers who can take care of a specific set of tasks.

But getting the most out of freelance labor is not always easy because freelancers work differently than employees and many entrepreneurs and small businesses don't understand that. To ensure a successful relationship with a freelancer, here are five common mistakes to avoid.


There's nothing wrong with liquidity

Are Facebook employees who took advantage of the ability to cash out some of their stock holdings as part of a tender offer from investor Digital Sky Technologies "mercenaries"?

Controversial BusinessWeek tech reporter Sarah Lacy thinks they are. The reason: they're giving up too soon. Lacy believes the $100m tender offer, which is giving some employees the ability to sell up to 25% of their Facebook stock at a $6.5bn valuation, will prove to be a steal for Digital Sky Technologies.