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Start Me Up! Tulip Retail: a store-associate tablet solution

Econsultancy has covered in-store technology fairly frequently.

From endless aisle and clientelling, to RFiD and iBeacons, to social and mobile integration.

Tulip Retail is a startup providing a tablet solution for store associates to bridge that gap in product knowledge and to tailor the experience to a customer.

We caught up with the team to find out how it's going.


Crocs shows in-store technology and assisted selling works

There's a healthy scepticism around in-store technology. Many doubt that all of the examples out there are actually wanted by the consumer.

The challenge is to find technology that can add value for the retailer, without disupting the magic of in-store shopping and customer service that the consumer already loves.

Apple and Audi are perhaps the best examples. Apple provided virtual payment and free WiFi before many others, with product demos a key part of the Apple store. Audi demonstrates product features on a tablet, with dynamic content.

Endless aisle, via a store associate's tablet or a fixed hub in store, is something many are dubious about. The hubs often don't see high engagement rates.

Crocs has proven the relevance of assited selling with its tablet operated endless aisle solution in store. At Demandware's Xchange 2014 I spoke to Harvey Bierman, VP global ecommerce at Crocs. He said Crocs has been using endless aisle technology in store for around two years. "Endless aisle represents a significant part of ecommerce revenue i.e. bigger than single digit."

I thought it was worth discussing what Crocs' success in this area means.