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Five important PPC trends

The PPC (pay per click) landscape is continually changing as Google introduces new features, and advertisers become more savvy with regards to the customer information that they're tracking, and more accomplished at processing and extracting insights from that wealth of data.

Here are five key areas that I am predicting will have an increasing amount of impact on our PPC activities in the year ahead.

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What do Google's new AdWords Enhanced Campaigns mean for marketers?

Yesterday evening Google published a blog post that unveiled Enhanced Campaigns - one of the biggest changes to AdWords in years.

It means that advertisers will be able to target people based on the time of day, their location and the device they are using.

The idea is to simplify AdWords by allowing users to manage their campaigns in one place, but it also means that advertisers no longer have the ability to run mobile-only campaigns.

To find out more about the new Enhanced Campaigns, I asked several search experts for their views...


Google AdWords changes the game with enhanced campaigns

Within the last hour Google has announced what is being described by many commentators as one of the most fundamental changes to Adwords in years. 

The focus of the change is to enable advertisers to target people at the right time, in the right place, with the right advert and call-to-action. Effectively, the structuring of Adwords campaigns is becoming device independent, removing the ability to have specific mobile, tablet or desktop targeted campaigns.

This is a hugely important update - and mindset change - for any advertiser who is investing in PPC.