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Lonelygirl15 creators give up on original content

The creators of one of the web's most successful video shows are giving up on creating new content. Due to the financial deifficulty of branding original concepts, EQAL (the makers of lonelygirl15) have stopped producing original content.

Struggling to find advertising partners able to support their original content online, EQAL will now focus on creating video with stars that already have established audiences, like FoodNetwork star Paula Dean.

According to NewTeeVee:

"First up is Get Cookin’; the reality TV/cooking show hybrid follows Deen on the road, and fans will be encouraged to upload their own videos and blog posts. There’s also a pending project for CSI-creator Anthony Zuiker, called (pictured), a “digi-novel” that includes online and actual bound book storytelling, as well The Kind Life, a green-centric series fronted by actress Alicia Silverstone."