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Tesco's iPad 3 pricing error: accident or strategy?

On Tuesday I received a message from a friend pointing me to an item within Tesco Direct’s website. I clicked the link and was welcomed with a 64GB iPad 3 costing only £49.99.

The person who messaged me had just completed his order and showed me the confirmation email. With that, I set off to buy two (why not?).

Within three minutes the website was down (I was on the delivery stage of the order). 20 minutes after that the site was back up and I could not proceed. I was so annoyed! I could have bought two iPads for £99.98!

An hour later the BBC had already published the story.

Please note: this is purely conspiracy theory, I am not actually accusing Tesco but merely observing a possibility...


The horror, the horror: @VodafoneUK's social media balls up

You may not think that social media is rocket science, but those big brand early adopters are certainly astronauts exploring an unknown quantity. And space exploration is not without its challenges. Or risks.

One intergalactic incident occurred late on Friday as a member of Vodafone’s social media team cut loose and posted a homophobic remark via the company's official Twitter account.


12 brilliant 404 pages

A huge part of user experience is ensuring site navigation is as easy as possible, in order to retain anyone who happens to be browsing your site. But what happens if there’s a broken link or a page doesn’t load? 

The answer has two scenarios: Either the user will leave, or with a bit of help, will find their way to the right page. More often than not, in these situations, it’s the 404 page that will decide the outcome, so how can you maximise their effectiveness?