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How to create buzz with an ethical campaign

If there's one thing the web excels at, it's uniting people behind a cause. A number of successful marketers are using campaigns to create positive change within their industries, highlight their firms' moral integrity and generate a hell of a lot of good publicity.

Whether it's an international price comparison site campaigning against unfair bank charges or a local pub campaigning to protect a village green, bringing people together to put pressure on the authority has the power to create incredible buzz and excitement.

If you lose, then that buzz and excitement was still worth a lot to your company. If you win then that positive outcome is not only good in itself, it's generated a great deal of good will for your brand.

Here are a few tips for driving a successful campaign online. By picking the right cause and the right message, your firm can market itself through good deeds...


Q&A: Kieron Donoghue on affiliate marketing and ethical SEO

Kieron Donoghue has been involved in Affiliate Marketing for the last nine years and is the Director of UK Offer Media. He operates a network of affiliate sites ranging from sectors as diverse as bingo to broadband and patio heaters to poker. 

He is the winner of the prestigious A4U Award for "Affiliate Marketing Blog Of The Year" for the last 2 years in a row, for his blog at Kieron also consults on affiliate strategies and marketing and currently manages the affiliate marketing programme for, the largest "private online club" in the competitive clothing sector in the UK.

Growing frustrated with the lack of quality and ethical content writing and link building services in the UK, Kieron has also recently launched to meet the demands for two of the most important factors in off-page SEO, namely original content and link building. We asked him about his current ventures.