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Innovative trends to watch in 2012

awards-logoHaving made it to the shortlist for the 2012 Econsultancy Innovation Awards, it’s fair to say the people we’ve been interviewing this week know a thing or two about bright ideas.

Today we asked them to cast an eye back over the last twelve months and identify the innovations they feel have had the biggest effect on the marketing landscape.

Of course, hindsight is always 20/20, so we also challenged them to gaze ahead and offer their opinions on the trends to watch in 2012...

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What price innovation?

awards-logoAs part of the build up to the Econsultancy’s 2012 Innovation Awards, we’ve been quizzing some of the best and brightest entrants about different aspects of innovation. 

With that in mind, it's time to get down to brass tacks and takes a look at the economic imperatives surrounding innovative company cultures. 

While it’s great to set your sights high, eventually you’ll have to deal with the harsh reality of funding ideas and convincing stakeholders who may not be as enamoured with the gleaming future and sense of endless possibilities as you are. 

We gathered our awards shortlist once more and asked them how they manage to convince key stakeholders, and given the current economic climate, ensure that there is available budget for testing and deploying innovative ideas...

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What makes something innovative?

IA-logoInnovation has always been one of Econsultancy’s core brand values and we celebrate this every year with our Innovation Awards, shining a light on those companies and individuals who’ve helped to advance the digital marketing landscape over the past twelve months. 

But what do we mean when we talk about innovation? It’s a deceptively simple word with a million interpretations. For some it can be about simple changes; incremental decisions and refinements that give big results.

For others it could be a radical overhaul of the entire company structure.  Some businesses seem to naturally burst with ideas, while others require specific challenges to inspire them. 

In the run up to this year’s awards we thought we’d ask those who’ve reached our awards shortlist to tell us what innovation means to them.

We’ll be publishing a series of posts throughout February, covering everything from building innovative companies to exploiting new technologies.

We hope they’ll give you an insight into how some of the market leaders work and help you develop your own innovative ideas (and dare we suggest, enter them for an award in 2013). 


50 key takeaways and soundbites from FUNNEL

On Tuesday more than 500 B2B and B2C marketers attended FUNNEL, our first event to consider where marketing meets sales - and leads become revenue.

With a definite sense of new confidence in the air, the packed speaker programme looked at key challenges and opportunities facing ‘considered purchase’ marketers today – how to best attract, engage, nurture and convert leads.

I’ve collated some of the key takeaways and soundbites below...


Econsultancy: 100,000 digital marketers can't be wrong

When I joined Econsultancy a little over a year ago, there were around 30 employees spread between our UK and US offices. Since then, the company has doubled in size, and we’re still expanding, with new staff joining our offices in London, New York, Dubai, Singapore, Australia and elsewhere.

Last year the company also celebrated its tenth anniversary, and we welcomed our 100,000th member in July. Nevertheless, it occurred to us that not everybody is familiar with all that we do...


Using social media at live events: best practice tips

Social media has become an important part of a conference or event. Streaming feeds from Twitter and Facebook or providing text-to-screen commentary lets audiences participate in events and allows brands to collect feedback.

However, the risks to a brand’s reputation are enhanced by the sheer number of people who might view inappropriate material.

Digital Cream 2011

11 takeaways from Econsultancy’s Digital Cream event

Yesterday I attended Econsultancy’s Digital Cream event, which we host annually, and which brings together around 300 client-side e-commerce brains together for a day of intense knowledge sharing.

The event format is based on roundtables, which are a core part of our staple diet. We’ve been running roundtables since I joined Econsultancy back in 2003, and they inform much of the best practice insight that underpins our research. They are incredibly helpful.

Digital Cream 2011

Digital Cream is essentially roundtables on steroids… there are more than 20 of them, in one day. I have a few takeaways from the event that I’d like to share. By all means add yours in the comments section underneath this post, or let us know if you blog about the event, as Simon Lilly and Nick Allen have done. Our thanks to all who participated.

Before we begin I should probably mention a couple of similar events, which are are free to attend for client-side folks. Firstly, there is Peer Summit 2011, which takes place in New York in early June. Secondly, there is Digital Cream Dubai, which is our first big event in the Middle East and takes place on 12 April. Do sign up if you're local.

Chain links

How to build links with developers

chain links

I have always wanted to believe in "good" link building. I understand why the other stuff works, everything from link networks through paying webmasters to outright spam, but I want to believe that you can win with great product and real organic marketing.

Today, I'm going to walk through some examples of my current favourite form of link building, namely using your developers to build cool stuff to acquire links for the long-term.


At SxSW, startups hope to solve the problem of Twitter event flooding

As any event organizer knows, getting people to communicate and interact at your event can be crucial to its success. And for attendees, Twitter has become a great resource for locating and sharing real-time data. But for everyone else, Twitter updates surrounding one topic can quickly turn into noise. 

It's a problem that is especially heightened at SxSW, when techies flood the zone of Austin and their friends back home are inundated with information about it. While it could potentially be solved by better filtering on Twitter, two companies are trying to stake their claim in the space this week.


Pictures from Econsultancy’s Digital Sail 2009

On Wednesday, the day the government officially announced a heatwave, Team Econsultancy and friends rocked up at Portsmouth harbour for a day of messing about in boats. It was a lot of fun, obviously...

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Measuring social media at Social Media Influence

I’m delighted to have been asked to be a panelist at Social Media Influence tomorrow.

I’ve attended every year since its first carnation 4 years ago as Blogging4business. Inspiring speakers such as Antony Mayfield, Suw Charman-Anderson, Hugh McLeod and Struan Robertson thrilled us with their visions of how business should embrace a brave new social media world.