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Why exclusivity is the cherry on the customer experience cake

In June 2015 the ONS reported that average store prices in the UK fell by almost 3% YoY. 

This was the 12th successive month of deflation in the retail sector.

Alongside deflation, quarterly measures of retail activity have been growing for four years. 


Customers won’t ‘like’ you unless they like the value you offer in return

malibuWith two thirds of adults now connected to at least one Social Media platform, its rise over the past few years has been staggering.

It’s hardly surprising therefore, that companies have followed consumers on to these social platforms in an attempt to engage with them and get noticed.

What is surprising however, is that some brands don’t seem to have put much thought into their social engagement strategy; they’re more about being social for social’s sake, rather than being social by design and really understanding what it is they want to achieve by connecting with existing and prospective customers via Social Media.


To go exclusive or not: dealing with the dilemma

In many industries, companies often find themselves facing a simple proposition: a deal that requires exclusivity. Online, such a deal may take the form of a relationship with an advertiser, a vendor, or a business partner.

Deciding whether or not to do a deal that requires exclusivity can be tough. Such deals almost always come with clear advantages and disadvantages. Here are a number of the most important to consider.