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Nikki Gilliland <p><strong>Marketers are constantly striving to capture consumer engagement.</strong></p> <p>However, with attention spans dwindling and digital content increasing, it appears consumers are stuck on one extreme or the other – <a href="https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/torrential-engagement-thought-starters-from-kantar-futures-smith/" target="_blank">according to Kantar Futures</a>, many are displaying what it calls ‘torrential engagement’, meaning they are either intensely engaged or entirely disconnected.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/70050-what-is-torrential-engagement-and-how-can-brands-capitalise-on-it/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/69677 2017-12-20T15:00:00+00:00 2017-12-20T15:00:00+00:00 The best experiential marketing campaigns of 2017 Nikki Gilliland <p><strong>The popularity of experiential marketing continues, with brand events and experiences proving bigger and better than ever. </strong></p> <p>The benefits are clear. <a href="https://www.freeman.com/resources/brand-experience-a-new-era-in-marketing" target="_blank">According to a study by Freeman</a>, over half of global CMOs see brand experiences as a way to forge ongoing relationships with audiences, while 90% of global marketers think that brand experiences create more compelling engagement.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/69677-the-best-experiential-marketing-campaigns-of-2017/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/69033 2017-04-26T01:00:00+01:00 2017-04-26T01:00:00+01:00 Five essential mobile moments and how brands can take part in them Jeff Rajeck <p><strong>In a recent Econsultancy survey, we asked marketers whether they work to engineer mobile moments which reflect well on their brand.</strong>  </p> <p>But what are 'mobile moments'?  And what can brands do to be a part of them?</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/69033-five-essential-mobile-moments-and-how-brands-can-take-part-in-them/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68085 2016-07-20T09:55:32+01:00 2016-07-20T09:55:32+01:00 Four reasons Ghostbusters experiential marketing has been so successful Nikki Gilliland <p><strong>London Waterloo station's giant installation of the iconic Stay Puft Marshmallow Man ends this week.</strong></p> <p>The PR stunt has been used to promote the (somewhat divisive) all-female remake of Ghostbusters. With a flurry of excitement on social media, it’s proved to be a great example of out-of-home advertising. </p> <p>Here are four reasons why it worked.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68085-four-reasons-ghostbusters-experiential-marketing-has-been-so-successful/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67786 2016-04-27T16:08:00+01:00 2016-04-27T16:08:00+01:00 10 great sports digital marketing campaigns Ben Davis <p><strong>Sports marketers don't always get it right.</strong></p> <p>From <a href="http://www.theguardian.com/football/video/2016/apr/22/milan-stand-in-footballers-perform-embarrassing-attempt-at-haka-video">ill-judged commercial stunts</a> at live games, to betting companies with <a href="https://uk.news.yahoo.com/gaming-fruity-king-calls-leicester-164254549.html">distasteful social media profiles</a>, to <a href="https://assets.econsultancy.com/images/resized/0003/9956/iker-blog-half.png">exploitative pricing in-app</a>, there are many bad examples.</p> <p>However, more often, such great subject matter lends itself to great campaigns.</p> <p>Here are 10 of my favourites.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67786-10-great-sports-digital-marketing-campaigns/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67766 2016-04-21T12:26:00+01:00 2016-04-21T12:26:00+01:00 10 examples of great travel marketing campaigns Ben Davis <p><strong>Great marketing creative is always popular on the Econsultancy blog.</strong></p> <p>Thus far, I've enjoyed rounding up some campaigns from big brands (e.g. <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67694-10-examples-of-great-ikea-marketing-creative/">IKEA</a> and <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67729-10-creative-digital-marketing-campaigns-from-lowe-s/">Lowe's</a>).</p> <p>Now, I want to pick some pearls from across a sector. This week, I've chosen travel - enjoy!</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67766-10-examples-of-great-travel-marketing-campaigns/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67755 2016-04-18T10:28:00+01:00 2016-04-18T10:28:00+01:00 A day in the life of... Director of the Unexpected Ben Davis <p><strong>Two of the most-loved things about our industry are undoubtedly experiential marketing and people with silly job titles.</strong></p> <p>I'm sure Joss Davidge, Director of the Unexpected at <a href="https://www.becausexm.com/">BEcause</a>, won't mind me saying that.</p> <p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67755-a-day-in-the-life-of-director-of-the-unexpected/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67715 2016-04-06T15:16:31+01:00 2016-04-06T15:16:31+01:00 10 of the best social campaigns & stories from March 2016 Jack Simpson <p><strong>With two significant events in the form of <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67642-how-brands-celebrated-international-women-s-day-2016">International Women’s Day</a> and <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67678-a-pun-free-roundup-of-excellent-easter-marketing-campaigns">Easter</a>, last month was an exciting one for social campaigns. </strong></p> <p>On top of that there were some big social news announcements, from Instagram’s algorithmic timeline to a judge ruling in favour of a Chipotle employee who was fired after making negative comments about the brand on Twitter. </p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67715-10-of-the-best-social-campaigns-stories-from-march-2016/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67678 2016-03-29T09:58:07+01:00 2016-03-29T09:58:07+01:00 A pun-free roundup of excellent Easter marketing campaigns Jack Simpson <p><strong>Retail spending was expected to hit £775m over the Easter weekend, and brands were working hard to get the biggest possible share of that cash. </strong></p> <p>I thought I’d look at some of my favourite <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67587-how-thorntons-uses-content-marketing-to-gain-an-edge-at-easter">Easter campaigns</a> from the past while also looking at some of the better ones from 2016 so far.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67678-a-pun-free-roundup-of-excellent-easter-marketing-campaigns/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67525 2016-02-16T09:42:29+00:00 2016-02-16T09:42:29+00:00 What is brand activation & why do you need it? Jack Simpson <p><strong>I’ll be honest: when I first heard the term ‘brand activation’ my eyes almost rolled out of my head altogether. It’s got <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/66631-20-banned-words-from-the-econsultancy-blog-and-their-alternatives">meaningless marketing buzzword</a> written all over it. </strong></p> <p>But as I researched the term further I began to realise that it is actually quite an interesting topic, and that sometimes we actually just need a simple term with which to quickly and easily refer to things.  </p> <p>In this post I’m going to go beyond the fluffy words and explore what brand activation is and how it could help your business. </p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67525-what-is-brand-activation-why-do-you-need-it/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67513 2016-02-15T11:17:00+00:00 2016-02-15T11:17:00+00:00 How Grey Goose used experiential marketing to tell its luxury story Jack Simpson <p><strong>Marketing <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67181-how-aston-martin-uses-product-personalisation-in-a-luxury-market">luxury goods</a> is hard. As soon as you charge more than another brand for what is essentially the same product on the surface, you lose the biggest bargaining chip of them all: price. </strong></p> <p>You have to persuade people to choose your product for reasons other than its price tag, i.e. the quality, its rarity, the way it makes you look socially. </p> <p>This is the challenge Bacardi faced when trying to come up with a campaign for its Grey Goose vodka last year, and the resulting campaign won it a <a href="http://www.festivalofmarketing.com/awards">Masters of Marketing</a> award under the Luxury category. </p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67513-how-grey-goose-used-experiential-marketing-to-tell-its-luxury-story/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67451 2016-01-28T10:06:00+00:00 2016-01-28T10:06:00+00:00 The smartest experiential & charity marketing campaign you'll see this year Ben Davis <p><strong>I had to cover this campaign trial by WaterAid.</strong></p> <p>It's creative on so many levels.</p> <p>You can watch the explainer video below, then I've added some thoughts on the work.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67451-the-smartest-experiential-charity-marketing-campaign-you-ll-see-this-year/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67393 2016-01-11T14:27:05+00:00 2016-01-11T14:27:05+00:00 How Women’s Aid used digital OOH ads to make 327m people stop & look Jack Simpson <p><strong>Domestic violence will affect one in four women in their lifetime. Yet it so often goes unnoticed and unreported.   </strong></p> <p>In a <a href="http://www.festivalofmarketing.com/awards?_ga=1.21805363.943174787.1449753420">Masters of Marketing</a> award-winning campaign last year, domestic abuse charity Women’s Aid wanted to put the issue firmly into the public eye.  </p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67393-how-women-s-aid-used-digital-ooh-ads-to-make-327m-people-stop-look/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67391 2016-01-11T10:47:00+00:00 2016-01-11T10:47:00+00:00 The Boursin Sensorium: using Virtual Reality to sell soft cheese Ben Davis <p><strong>There is no better time for brands to use virtual reality as part of a PR or new product push.</strong></p> <p>Most people are yet to try the Oculus Rift or similar, are itching to try it and will likely be impressed by the results.</p> <p>That's why the Boursin Sensorium was such an effective piece of <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/65230-10-very-cool-examples-of-experiential-marketing/">experiential marketing</a> in 2015, and worthy of a <a href="http://www.festivalofmarketing.com/awards?_ga=1.85707167.762110302.1450191097">Masters of Marketing</a> award.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67391-the-boursin-sensorium-using-virtual-reality-to-sell-soft-cheese/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67364 2015-12-23T14:52:00+00:00 2015-12-23T14:52:00+00:00 My 10 favourite Christmas experiential marketing campaigns of 2015 Jack Simpson <p><strong>For those of you looking for something more from your Christmas campaign than a cynically tear-inducing clip of an old and lonely man completely disregarding the laws of physics, these Christmas <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/66908-10-inspiring-experiential-marketing-examples">experiential marketing campaigns</a> are for you. </strong> </p> <p>From a beer-dispensing Christmas tree to a bank made entirely from gingerbread, there is plenty to get inspired by here. </p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67364-my-10-favourite-christmas-experiential-marketing-campaigns-of-2015/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/66908 2015-09-08T10:45:00+01:00 2015-09-08T10:45:00+01:00 10 inspiring experiential marketing examples Jack Simpson <p><strong>The deadline to enter the <a href="http://ecly.co/1L5KkCk">Masters of Marketing</a> awards is fast approaching and one of the key areas in which to nominate brands for an award is experiential marketing.</strong></p> <p>To inspire your own entry, below are 10 of the best examples of experiential marketing I’ve seen so far.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/66908-10-inspiring-experiential-marketing-examples/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/66746 2015-07-27T10:44:00+01:00 2015-07-27T10:44:00+01:00 Carlsberg: probably (some of) the best marketing in the world Jack Simpson <p><strong>Disclaimer: I don't actually like Carlsberg. The taste, I mean. Yet somehow I seem to end up drinking it. And that's kind of the point.</strong></p> <p>This article isn’t about Carlsberg the beer. It’s about Carlsberg the unbelievably successful marketing machine.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/66746-carlsberg-probably-some-of-the-best-marketing-in-the-world/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/66569 2015-06-11T09:44:09+01:00 2015-06-11T09:44:09+01:00 Five ways to use social proof online Jack Simpson <p><strong><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/65722-18-highly-effective-examples-of-social-proof-in-ecommerce/">Social proof</a> is nothing new. It’s the idea that people will naturally follow the actions of the majority. Basically it’s a fancy way of saying 'herd mentality'.</strong></p> <p>My first (unbeknown to me at the time) experience with social proof was through a game my friends and I used to play at school.</p> <p>We’d stand under a random tree and stare up as if something interesting was happening. Gradually a crowd would begin to gather, joining us in the staring until they finally realised they were looking at absolutely nothing.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/66569-five-ways-to-use-social-proof-online/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/66431 2015-05-13T10:20:00+01:00 2015-05-13T10:20:00+01:00 Six inspiring new examples of experiential marketing Christopher Ratcliff <p><strong>The premise of <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/65395-what-is-experiential-marketing-and-why-do-you-need-it/">experiential marketing</a> is to create a closer bond between the consumer and the brand by immersing them in a fun and memorable experience.</strong></p> <p>If a branded event stirs positive emotions in people then they are more likely to associate those emotions with that brand. This encourages brand loyalty and the stronger possibility of sales further down the line.</p> <p>To this end experiential marketing can be more effective than any kind of display ad, a promoted Tweet or a Facebook ad, however it’s also possibly harder to measure as conversions may not happen till much further down the line. </p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/66431-six-inspiring-new-examples-of-experiential-marketing/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/66019 2015-01-29T10:53:54+00:00 2015-01-29T10:53:54+00:00 Can retailers bring personalisation from clicks to bricks? Darryl Adie <p><strong>A personalised online shopping experience powered by simple data collection is rapidly becoming a must-have for retailers. </strong></p> <p>In the past year alone, there was a spike in customer expectations for <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/64639-personalisation-where-to-start-and-what-s-to-come/">personalisation</a> across all shopping channels and it became critical for retailers to innovate in terms of customer experience in order to keep those shoppers engaged.</p> <p>Recommended products and wish lists have become commonplace online, but can this model of personalisation transfer to bricks-and-mortar?</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/66019-can-retailers-bring-personalisation-from-clicks-to-bricks/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/66013 2015-01-27T17:14:00+00:00 2015-01-27T17:14:00+00:00 Brand activation and its role in driving consumer engagement and awareness Andrew Broadbent <p><strong>Many popular brands are using activations to build popularity and give the consumer an experience that will make them feel a real personal connection to the company.</strong></p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/66013-brand-activation-and-its-role-in-driving-consumer-engagement-and-awareness/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/65660 2014-10-24T13:31:00+01:00 2014-10-24T13:31:00+01:00 A lesson in agile marketing from Airbnb and Waterstones David Moth <p><strong>Everyone loves a heartwarming tale of brands spinning potentially negative news into a huge PR win.</strong></p> <p>We saw it earlier this year when TrekAmerica <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/64892-givegregtheholiday-twitter-agile-marketing-and-holidays-in-vegas">jumped on the hashtag #GiveGregAHoliday</a> and scored a huge amount of press coverage for zero investment.</p> <p>And now this week Waterstones and Airbnb have given us all a lesson in agile marketing after seeing an opportunity for PR gold when a Texan man got locked inside one of the former’s London bookshops.</p> <p>Read on to find out what happened, or for more on this topic read our post on <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/64911-23-nimble-examples-of-agile-marketing-from-ecommerce-brands">23 nimble examples of agile marketing from ecommerce brands</a>.</p> <p>And to hear more from Airbnb come along to Econsultancy's <a href="http://bit.ly/1jERjYT">Festival of Marketing</a> in November. It's a two-day celebration of the modern marketing industry, featuring <a href="http://bit.ly/1u7SAMG">speakers from brands</a> including Airbnb, LEGO, Tesco, Barclays, FT.com and more.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/65660-a-lesson-in-agile-marketing-from-airbnb-and-waterstones/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/65395 2014-09-02T15:01:00+01:00 2014-09-02T15:01:00+01:00 What is experiential marketing and why do you need it? Christopher Ratcliff <p><strong>Just when you think you’ve gotten to grips with every new phrase or buzzword in the world of digital marketing, another comes along to make you go “uhhhhhh...?”</strong></p> <p>During my first year at Econsultancy I’ve been making a point of writing beginner’s guides to any new terms or phrases I find particularly baffling, or that I might suspect other people may find baffling too. </p> <p>Today I’ll be looking at experiential marketing. A phrase I have repeatedly spell-checked more than any other. But first, some clarification is needed…</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/65395-what-is-experiential-marketing-and-why-do-you-need-it/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/65280 2014-08-06T10:15:00+01:00 2014-08-06T10:15:00+01:00 Concept stores: what do they mean for customer experience? Ben Davis <p><strong>After the demise of HMV, many were quick to plan the future of retail.</strong></p> <p>Econsultancy got in on the act, too, suggesting <a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/how-the-internet-can-save-the-high-street">ways in which the internet could save the high street</a>.</p> <p>The consensus seemed to be that experiences on the high street would be more important than mere commerce. Why go into a store if the journey of finding a product and taking it to the till to pay is as boring as it is online?</p> <p>Over the past three years or so, I think we have seen the resurgence of the concept store. In fact, I think retail has woken up to the value of service, great product display, interactivity, digital technology and a great shopping experience.</p> <p>Here, I've taken a look at some of the concept stores out there, and what they mean for customer experience.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/65280-concept-stores-what-do-they-mean-for-customer-experience/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/65230 2014-07-28T14:08:00+01:00 2014-07-28T14:08:00+01:00 10 very cool examples of experiential marketing David Moth <p><strong>Experiential marketing, what is it good for?</strong></p> <p>The premise is to create a closer bond between the consumer and the brand by immersing them in a fun and memorable experience.</p> <p>If a brand event stirs genuine positive emotions within people then they are more likely to associate those emotions with that brand, which is more effective than just showing them a Facebook ad or something.</p> <p>Occasionally the line blurs between experiential marketing and a straightforward PR stunt, but I’m not here to waste time quibbling over definitions.</p> <p>This post was inspired by a new Vans project that's opening in Central London at the beginning of August as a celebration of art, skateboarding, BMX and street culture.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/65230-10-very-cool-examples-of-experiential-marketing/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p>