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Do your calls to action grab users' attention?

There are many factors that can influence the design of your call-to-action and it’s certainly a feature that benefits from extensive testing and tweaking.

An effective CTA should leave the shopper in no doubt about the next step they need to take to add an item to their basket, complete a purchase etc. 

To achieve this, they need to catch the user's attention, and eyetracking is a great way to measure the effectiveness of different CTA designs. 

Thanks to Luke Hay, Research and UX Director at noporkpies, we have some useful tests on CTA design for you... 


Web users spend 80% of time above the fold: Nielsen

While web users do scroll below the fold on websites, the portion of space 'above the fold' still remains the most valuable, with 80% of users' time on sites spent in this area. 

This is the verdict of Jakob Nielsen's latest blog post, which recommends that any truly important elements are left above the fold on the page.