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Can f-commerce work for retailers?

Thanks to the sheer size of the audience alone, it's clear that f-commerce has potential for retailers, but some brands are now deciding that the returns aren't worth the effort. 

So, does this mean f-commerce won't work for retailers or are they simply not trying hard enough? 

I've been speaking to some retailers using Facebook, as well as looking for examples of f-commerce working for small businesses. 


Is reality catching up to Facebook f-commerce dreams?

Each month, hundreds of millions of individuals around the world log on to Facebook and this year, the world's largest social network will likely register its billionth user account.

That, for obvious reasons, has made Facebook an attractive platform for businesses and marketers looking to reach consumers.


Users see 15% increase in revenue when using Ecwid Facebook app

Platform-neutral e-commerce widget Ecwid has revealed that its users see an increase of 15% in revenue when implementing its Facebook application.

The company analysed 2,000 user accounts and found that in the month following the implementation of an Ecwid Facebook store, an additional 15% of sales was generated from the application.


11 examples of f-commerce for 2012

Following the news last month that it would be launching a fragrance for women for the first time, Lynx has today announced that it will turn to Facebook in part to sell the limited edition product.

We’re not entirely convinced by Lynx’s efforts (especially as the brand says it will sell ‘100 cans exclusively through its Facebook page’ – an odd choice of volume and perceived exclusivity for such a low-cost item).

So instead we've put together a list of some of the best examples we can find.


Consumers happy with online holiday shopping, but social and tablet need improvement

Digital and multichannel retailers were able to lure consumers into spending record amounts online this year despite a difficult economic landscape.

But there's more good news for online retailers: according to a survey conducted by Baynote, consumers were pretty darn happy with their online holiday shopping experiences.


Will f-commerce succeed?

At the end of September, Magners announced that it is starting to sell limited edition cider directly via its Facebook page. 

Asos was the first UK retailer to open a fully transactional Facebook store in January this year.

On the face of it, f-commerce seems to be taking off, so should brands be launching F-commerce stores? 


Eight presentations on social commerce

Social commerce is a term that’s been around for a while now, and it isn’t going to go away anytime soon. But there still seems to be some confusion within the industry about what it is and what it means.

I’ve dug out a handful of presentations that cover the main facets within this specific, rapidly-evolving area of e-commerce.


SEO tips for Facebook Pages

like-buttonAs Facebook becomes an increasingly important commerce platform, brands are starting to direct users straight to their pages on the site.

Unfortunately it can be difficult to get Facebook pages to appear in the SERPs, even for larger household names.

I thought it would be useful to take a quick look at a few Facebook Page optimisation techniques, and some of the more common SEO problems on the site...


F-commerce review: Lyle & Scott

Clothing brand Lyle and Scott is the latest retailer to begin selling on Facebook, with the launch of a store on the site yesterday. 

The Lyle and Scott Facebook store is basically a version of the mobile website, which was released last year. It's an interesting solution to the problem, and any retailers that already have a mobile site could follow this example. 


101 examples of f-commerce

I’ve previously ranted a bit about how Facebook is driving forward a large element of social commerce, but I’ve always found that it helps to provide evidence for any argument. 

Consequently, I’ve compiled a rather large list of companies who are using Facebook to sell products... 

Retailers on Facebook and Twitter

Which UK retailers are thriving on Facebook and Twitter?

In terms of follower and fan numbers, Topshop's social media strategy appears to be working well. It has the most followers on Twitter and Facebook fans of any UK retailer. 

According to a new Social Media Benchmark study by eDigital Research (registration/survey required), retailers are continuing to grow their presence on social networks, though less than half are currently offering consumers the option of shopping from these accounts. 


Is Facebook the $100,000 diamond watch of marketing?

Over the past two years, Facebook has fast become a major area of interest for brand marketers.

Lured in by the social network's 500m+ users, some marketers are evoking memories of the AOL days, going as far as to promote Facebook Pages over their own websites.

From storefronts to movie rentals, brands are increasingly focusing on trying to use the site as a platform for commerce. Some believe Facebook commerce, or f-commerce, could be the next big phase in the evolution of ecommerce.

But according to a report by Forrester Research's Sucharita Mulpuru, despite all of the talk about f-commerce, Facebook isn't likely to become a retail force.