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Are social networks tapped out?

Social networking may be the most notable phenomenon in internet history. Few trends have grown as fast and gone as a far, and it has in many ways fundamentally altered the way hundreds of millions of people use the internet.

But have popular social networks like Facebook tapped out most of their growth potential? According to a new eMarketer report, the answer may be yes.

Currently, just under 64% of the internet users in the United States use social networks. By 2013, that number will increase to 67%. That's growth, but it's not the double-digit growth we've become accustomed to seeing.


Netflix's biggest competition: Facebook?

Netflix is fast becoming the king of digital movies, and is one of Hollywood's biggest frenemies. But even though Netflix would appear to be sitting pretty, it may have some stiff competition soon.

The source: Facebook.


What does the future hold for f-commerce?

Yesterday afternoon, I had serious WTF moment as I read an article titled “Facebook has limited future in e-commerce”.  

The basis of the piece was more of a news-feature than opinion, founded around a piece of research from Shoppercentric. I really feel that the conclusions that have been drawn seem to be fairly short-sighted.


Facebook fan CPAs rising: report

Facebook is an increasingly important tool for marketers, many of whom are purchasing ads on Facebook to drive consumers to their Facebook Pages.

Qualitatively, Facebook's importance is hard to deny, but plenty marketers have largely struggled to quantify the costs and ROI associated with their Facebook marketing efforts.


Facebook gets rid of promotions, sweepstakes restrictions

Last year, Facebook put in place rules that restricted the ability of marketers to use the world's most popular social network to run promotions and sweepstakes. These restrictions were largely a disappointment to the Facebook marketers who were aware of them, and a risk to those who weren't.

But this week, marketers received good news: Facebook has apparently decided to relax its restrictions.


F-commerce is here. Make big wins if you play the game right.

A few months ago, I wrote about how a large chunk of e-commerce’s future is extremely likely to lie with Facebook. The recent announcement of half a billion active members should be enough to have any e-commerce or marketing professional chomping at the bit to seize the opportunity, get engaged and start selling.

Surprisingly though, there seems to be a lack of exploration into the existing possibilities...


Goodbye, e-commerce, hello f-commerce?

One of the key trends in the new Econsultancy E-commerce Platforms Guide is that of a marked integration between social media and the e-commerce environment.

Social media has long been a strategic element within online retailing, long before the marketing term for this activity became fashionable. But which is best: using social media to help you sell, or solely relying on selling through social media?

A recent article on AdAge caught my eye which explores this, by considering the potential rise of “f-commerce”, or in other words, Facebook commerce.