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The five announcements from Facebook's F8 conference that you need to know about

This week, Facebook held its annual F8 conference during which the world's largest social network makes key announcements and launches new offerings.

Here are the five biggest developments from this year's event.


The five most important announcements for brands and marketers from Facebook's F8 event

Every year, Facebook holds its F8 conference where it makes key announcements and launches new offerings.

This year was one of the biggest yet and dozens of announcements were made.

Here are the five most important for brands and marketers.


Facebook's F8 changes: a slight case of oversharing?

facebook-logoFacebook is renowned for rolling out new platform changes at a moment’s notice, but if early buzz is to be believed, this Thursday’s F8 developer conference will offer something a little bit special.

Major changes are expected that could fundamentally reshape the way content is found and shared on the world’s largest social network.

Will it be the dawn of a new social era, or is Facebook about to follow Myspace into the pit of abandoned platforms?


Facebook's next trick: become the web

Facebook isn't just a social network. By almost every reasonable standard, it is officially the winner of the social networking wars. While other popular social networks, including MySpace, may not disappear into the void completely, Facebook has left them in the dust.

But the war to become the world's dominant online social network is just one battle in a larger war that seeks to shape the future of the web. And Facebook is gearing up for battle.