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How to create Facebook video ads that cater for silent autoplay

When I attended the Content Marketing Summit last year, one of the key trends highlighted by Facebook's head of agency relations was the move toward more visual content. 

Social video is on the rise, but on Facebook those videos autoplay as users scroll through their news feed. Not only that but they play without sound. 

As a result, brands have been doing some really creative stuff in the last year or so that caters for silent autoplay.  

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Three trends in online consumer behaviour, according to Facebook

The way people act online is fundamentally changing, and with access to the behaviour of 1.1bn people each month there are few companies better placed to comment on that than Facebook. 

In his talk at the Content Marketing Summit last week, the social network’s head of agency relations, Ed Couchman, gave an interesting talk on what he believes are the three biggest changes currently happening in digital. 


Seven thought-provoking US digital marketing stats from the past week

It’s that time again, when we cover some of the best US digital marketing stats we’ve seen in the past seven days or so. 

From punctuated emails to online-to-offline marketing, not to mention some really good news for advertisers, there is plenty to get exciting about this week. 


How one new ecommerce site hopes to banish missed deliveries

We’ve all been there: that little card comes through your letterbox saying ‘sorry we missed you’ and your parcel then enters an eternal state of postal purgatory because the post office opening times conveniently coincide with your working hours. 

Or, worse: you take a day off to receive the parcel and those pesky delivery people stick the card through anyway and insist you just didn’t hear them knocking all the way from the other side of your 100-square foot studio flat. 


Three things that Lead Ads tell us about the future of Facebook advertising

Facebook recently launched a new way to advertise: Lead Ads.

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Four recent improvements to the Facebook ad platform

Do you advertise on Facebook? Or plan to?  If so, then you should know that there have been some big changes lately.

To help you navigate these, here are 4 recent improvements which will help you advertise on Facebook more effectively.

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Shhh... Three Facebook marketing secrets

Facebook's ad engine is easy to use, but difficult to master. Here's a few 'secret' features which may surprise even an experienced Facebook marketer.

Facebook is good at secrets. Often it rolls out functionality without telling anyone but its closest partners. Then the new functionality slowly leaks into the Power Editor ad platform

And it takes even longer for new stuff to get into their consumer-grade ad interface.

Seems that Facebook doesn't want to confuse the newbies ;-)


Facebook just changed mobile advertising. Here's how...

This week, Facebook announced a new version of its ad platform, Atlas, which has the potential to increase, significantly, how much we advertise on mobile. 

This is no upgrade, it's essentially a total rebuild 'from the ground up' which intends to solve some of the biggest problems facing digital marketers. 

But, really, Facebook wants to solve 'the mobile problem'. It's all about mobile. 


Nine best practice tips for Facebook advertising

Marketing advice is often specific to a particular campaign, and difficult to apply generally.

Here's a list of things that all marketers can do to improve their Facebook advertising.


New Facebook Ad Scheduler: A step-by-step guide

As I've written before, Facebook has a great ad network and one of the best tools to build and deploy ads - Power Editor.

Though it's more difficult to use than the standard ad tool, Power Editor offers all sorts of extras which make it worthwhile to spend the time learning it.

One recent addition to Power Editor which I find extraordinarily useful is the ad scheduler.


Facebook advertising seasonality: what’s the story?

With all media we see seasonal shifts in effectiveness, which is why it’s important for advertisers to be aware of seasonality across media and optimise around it. 

As newer advertising platforms like Facebook develop and evolve we start to get a sense of some of the seasonal factors at play.

As such, we thought we’d dig into seasonality on the platform, and here’s what we found...

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Eight interesting digital marketing stats we saw this week

Well hello there, and welcome back to our weekly stats roundup.

This time it includes data about Enhanced Campaigns, Facebook's earnings, analytics tools, Christmas, data privacy and the thorny relationship between CIOs and CMOs.

For more of this type of thing, download the Econsultancy Internet Statistics Compendium...