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Buddy Media acquires Facebook Ads partner Brighter Option

Social enterprise software company Buddy Media has acquired Brighter Option in a move that extends the company’s services to include paid Facebook ads.

London-based Brighter Option is a Facebook Ads API partner that provides social ad management software.


Is Facebook a black hole for brands?

With more than 750m users, Facebook is one of the most populous online hubs through which consumers can be reached.

That, not surprisingly, has made it a platform of significance to brands which thrive only when they reach consumers.

On the surface, many brands are succeeding, piling up 'likes' for their Facebook Pages by the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and in some instances, millions.

But according to London-based monitoring and analytics company Market Sentinel, brands aren't doing as well on Facebook as it might appear.


Beer boosts Facebook CTRs, but not conversions

Many advertisers are increasingly making room in their budgets for Facebook ads, but over the years, there's been a lot of talk about the general ineffectiveness of them compared to say, Google AdWords.

One of the obvious challenges with Facebook ads is that it is a social network. Unlike search, which lends itself to ads targeted to a particular search query, the site is generally being used as a tool of leisure.

That makes creating ads that stand out difficult.