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How Amazon retailers can use search & social ads to improve customer engagement

Many brands are embracing ecommerce focused advertising on Amazon. But how can you build this into an omnichannel programme incorporating search and social?


What are dark Facebook posts?

In last week’s stats roundup, I reported how more companies than ever are investing their budgets in Facebook dark posts.

But wait just a moment - what exactly are dark posts?

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Content creators, it's time to abandon yourself to Facebook

For years, brands and publishers in particular have been warned of the dangers of wallowing too far into Facebook.

The rationale was that if brands didn't prioritise their own publishing platforms (apps and websites), they would be vulnerable if Facebook decided to shake things up.

2016, to my mind, has seen the old argument finally put to bed, as Facebook steams into new features and publishers realise the art is in hedging bets and learning as they go.

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Facebook, Outbrain & GDN: Which content promotion platform should I choose?

When it comes to content marketing it isn’t just a case of “build it and they will come”.

You can invest as much as you want in the most amazing piece of engaging, interactive, content... but if you don’t do any promotion, it’ll sit on your site like a fallen oak gathering moss.

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Why Facebook could win the high street battle with Google

Facebook and Google both continue to improve their location-based advertising products, targeting mobile users and attempting to cash-in on online to offline conversion.

Here's a roundup on the state of play and some thoughts as to why Facebook may be best positioned to win the battle of the high street.

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How to win back customers online: 101

How can you win customers back online? 

Here's an intro looking at some of the tools you can use, as well as some advice on knowing which customers to target.


Facebook’s algorithm update: what it means for marketers

A lot of attention has been paid to the effects of Google’s latest updates to its search algorithm.

And rightly so, as the latest changes give long overdue improved ranking to sites that have been optimised for mobile.


Four recent improvements to the Facebook ad platform

Do you advertise on Facebook? Or plan to?  If so, then you should know that there have been some big changes lately.

To help you navigate these, here are 4 recent improvements which will help you advertise on Facebook more effectively.

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Six paid search tips for a very merry Christmas

Paid search is a key element of marketing campaigns during the festive shopping season.

What should advertisers be focusing on to succeed this year?


Shhh... Three Facebook marketing secrets

Facebook's ad engine is easy to use, but difficult to master. Here's a few 'secret' features which may surprise even an experienced Facebook marketer.

Facebook is good at secrets. Often it rolls out functionality without telling anyone but its closest partners. Then the new functionality slowly leaks into the Power Editor ad platform

And it takes even longer for new stuff to get into their consumer-grade ad interface.

Seems that Facebook doesn't want to confuse the newbies ;-)


Nine best practice tips for Facebook advertising

Marketing advice is often specific to a particular campaign, and difficult to apply generally.

Here's a list of things that all marketers can do to improve their Facebook advertising.

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Q&A: Gary Vaynerchuk on Facebook marketing

There’s been a great deal of discussion recently around the perceived decline in brands’ ability to achieve organic reach on Facebook, with some suggesting that Facebook should now be considered as an ad network rather than a social network.

Our own head of social Matt Owen has had his say on the matter, arguing that brands need to reappraise their Facebook strategies and pointing out that the social network would ultimately suffer if it artificially limited marketers' ability to reach consumers.

And to add to the debate I spoke to Gary Vaynerchuk, a man with particularly strong views on Facebook ads. 

Vaynerchuk, who is CEO of VaynerMedia, was among the keynote speakers at the recent IMW event in New York.

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