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What’s been happening with Facebook’s mobile app ads?

Mobile apps are now a key part of the mobile marketing armory.

And as Facebook has become an increasingly mobile company it has invested in developing its mobile app ad format which is designed to drive app downloads from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

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Five ways Facebook could improve its mobile app

Facebook’s mobile app has long been its weak link, and despite constant updates it still offers a poor user experience.

Throughout 2012 it has been busy acquiring companies that had achieved some success in mobile, including Karma, Glancee and Instagram, yet improvements to the Facebook app have been negligible.

While app design is a complicated science, there are a few basic issues that Facebook could try to resolve that would vastly improve the user experience.


Clas Ohlson uses Facebook app Wrapp for brand revamp

Social gifting app Wrapp launched in the UK last month after achieving early success among users and retailers in its native Sweden.

The Facebook app allows users to send each other digital gift cards, some of which are provided free of charge by brands as a customer acquisition tool.

Retailer Clas Ohlson was one of the brands that signed-up to tout its wares via the app in Sweden, offering users a range of free and paid-for gift cards.

In total users have sent 108,000 Clas Ohlson gift cards, of which 16,000 have been redeemed.

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