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Start Me Up! A profile of InstallThisApp

If you are finding your Facebook Page engagement metrics dropping, maybe you aren't giving fans enough to do? Welcome InstallThisApp to the party.

A new startup offering customized Facebook applications for those of us without programming skills.

We spoke with founder Martín Acuña Lledó to find out more.


Six clever examples of branded Facebook apps

Facebook apps are a good way for brands to engage with their fans in a way that doesn't feel like a hard sell.

They also have the added bonus of scraping lots of useful consumer data. However, apps aren’t necessarily right for all brands.

They need to be in keeping with the company's values and offer users something they want to engage with and share with friends.

Here are six examples of brands that have put Facebook apps to good use.


Facebook changes send social reader apps into a nosedive

A couple of months ago, Tanya Cordrey, the director of digital development for the Guardian, made a statement that raised some eyebrows. "It’s only a matter of time until social overtakes search for the Guardian," she told attendees at the Guardian Changing Media Submit.

The impetus for that comment was the Guardian's Facebook app, which enables Facebook users to share the articles they read on with their Facebook friends.