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This fake business might have a better online reputation than your real business

For most businesses, trying to build and maintain a pristine online reputation is an honest process.

At the same time, it can be costly and frustrating. Because of the challenges, some business owners turn to gray hat and black hat tactics. Just how effective can they be?


How to deal with fake online reviews

Online reviews are worthless, some would have us believe, because of the level of fake postings.

However, with the right safeguards in place, fake reviews can be contained and dealt with. 

Here's why fake online reviews are becoming an exercise in futility for companies who want to game the system.


Can Foursquare compete with Yelp?

Foursquare has been on the list of candidates for the 'next big thing' for some time, but the location-based service's future seems uncertain.

Last week, reports surfaced that the company, which has already raised upwards of $70m in funding, was looking for investors to provide an additional $50m to $100m of capital at a valuation of $700m-plus. According to TechCrunch, investors aren't exactly rushing to check in to a deal.


15% of social media reviews will be fake by 2014: report

The Beatles once sang, "All you need is love" and thanks to the rise of social media, it's not just humans looking for it. Brands, once largely relegated to communicating with consumers through one-way mediums like television and radio, have flocked to services like Facebook and Twitter in search of long-term relationships.

If the millions of 'Likes' and followers some of them have attracted are any indication, social media could be the foundation of a happy marriage between brands and consumers. But under the surface, this relationship may not be as solid as it appears.

According to Gartner, brands are increasingly turning to paying for positive reviews, 'Likes' and followers on popular social networking sites and by 2014, the research firm estimates that over one in ten of these will be fake.


Did Samsung fake Tab video testimonials?

With the iPad, Apple has a significant lead in the market for tablet computing. But companies like Samsung aren't prepared to cede the market to Apple.

Samsung's would-be iPad killer is the Android-based Galaxy Tab, which debuted late last year. It hasn't dethroned the iPad, but Samsung is launching a 10.1" version of the Tab later this year that sports a faster processor and the Android Honeycomb OS.


Belkin: a case study in social media sin

The importance of online product reviews to retailers, manufacturers and consumers cannot be underestimated. They've become a prominent fixture on ecommerce websites and are used extensively by consumers to make purchasing decisions.

The key to their value: authenticity. Any manipulation of these reviews threatens the credibility of the reviews, and in the case of retailers and manufacturers, potentially the perception of their brands.

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