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Twitter's five tips for agile marketing in the moment

The beauty of Twitter for marketers is that it allows you to be agile in coming up with marketing messages and responding to your customers, which can in turn increase brand loyalty.

However this requires a certain level of creativity and planning from brands if they wish to set the right tone and avoid an epic fail.

In a talk at our Future of Digital Marketing conference Twitter’s Bruce Daisley gave his tips for how brands can set themselves up to respond effectively to current events and make the most of marketing in the moment.

The full video is available at the bottom of this post, however I thought it would be useful to pick out some of the highlights.

Daisley pointed out at the beginning of his talk that he sees Twitter as an interest network rather than a social network. This is heavily influenced by the fact that 80% of Twitter’s 10 million UK users access the service through mobile.

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Are implicit signals, user context and a new query model the future of search?

The future of search is something that few people outside of Google can predict with any real authority, yet it’s an incredibly important topic for digital marketers.

How much will social signals dictate what we see in search results? What impact will Google+ have in the long term? And will we always rely on keywords as the basis of search?

It’s impossible to address all the possible connotations in just 20 minutes, but Distilled’s Will Critchlow gave it a go during his talk at our Future of Digital Marketing event last Thursday.

One of the main themes was the move from indexing to understanding, whereby Google actually understands the context and sentiment behind a query.


Eight inspiring themes from the Future of Digital Marketing

I can promise you only inspiring case studies, titbits and mantras in this post.

All taken from our future gazing conference, Future of Digital Marketing, which we held last week.


Ling Valentine at FODM 2012: Is there method in the madness? [video]

The star of last week's Future Of Digital Marketing (FODM) conference in London was undoubtedly Ling Valentine. 

She had the audience in stitches several times during the presentation, but there were some valuable lessons from Ling's approach to ecommerce and especially customer experience. 

The Ling's Cars website may look crazy, but there is definitely method behind the madness, as Ling explained in her presentation. 


Ashley Friedlein at The Future of Digital Marketing 2012 [video]

Econsultancy CEO Ashley Friedlein rounded off last week's Future of Digital Marketing event with a presentation entitled: 'The New Victorians'. 

In it, he looks at key digital trends, focusing on the importance of product managers for online businesses, and why we need more polymaths. 


The Future Of Digital Marketing [Infographic]

Last week we hosted our annual Future Of Digital Marketing (FODM) conference in London. 

One of the things that makes FODM unique is the focus on the practical future. Newly formed ideas and technology that you can actually put to use straight away. 

This year was no different, and while there was a certain amount of theoretical future gazing (takes a bow, haptic contact lenses!)the buzz on Twitter focussed on the practical, with a number of interesting stats and concepts grabbing the lion’s share of ReTweets 

I make a point of monitoring the tweet action at all our events as it provides great insight into the discussion points that really matter to attendees.  

This year, mobile technology, integration and personalisation were all recurring themes. Let's take a look at these in a bit more detail: 


Is your mobile strategy fit for purpose?

It’s apparent to everyone in digital marketing that all businesses need a mobile strategy, yet a number of brands are still dragging their feet.

In a talk at Econsultancy’s Future of Digital Marketing event, addictive founder Simon Andrews looked at where brands should be focusing their mobile efforts this year.

Noting that 80% of brands still don’t have a mobile optimised site, Andrews said that the opportunity was now too big to ignore. "You are losing money by not doing it properly now – if you’re not doing it then someone else is”.

He said that on average 18% of the population in a given market uses 3G, and predicted that within the next eight years nearly all consumer behaviour would be driven by mobile.

The key areas that need to be mobile optimised are:


House of Fraser: digital is key to personalising in-store experience

An effective multichannel strategy is the Holy Grail for retailers, yet the technology currently available only allows us to join up part of the customer journey.

At a talk at Econsultancy’s Future Of Digital Marketing event yesterday, House of Fraser E-commerce director Andy Harding laid out his predictions for how multichannel marketing will develop in the next few years.

The retailer was relatively late to e-commerce, launching its first transactional site in 2007 followed by its first mobile site in 2011.

The desktop site was then rebranded in July 2011, with online sales now accounting for more than 10% of total revenue.


Next year you will mostly be working on...

Last week we launched a competition where the prize was a pair of tickets for this week’s Future Of Digital Marketing event, one of the highlights of the Econsultancy calendar.

We asked the question: “What will you be focused on in the next year and why?” 

We received dozens of entries and I have compiled a bunch of them here to reveal three common themes. There are some outliers of course, but the following entries broadly reflect our audience’s focus on devices, channel integration and engagement strategies...

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COMPETITION! Win two tickets to the Future of Digital Marketing

WINEvery year Econsultancy brings together some of the brightest brains in digital to figure out what’s on the horizon.

Now in its seventh year, our Future of Digital Marketing event (#FODM) is a brilliant way of filling your head with ideas by listening to a series of inspiring talks.

FODM takes place in London, next Wednesday (15 June). The day is split into three chunks: this year, next year, and beyond.

We’ve lined up some amazing speakers who will share practical insights and case studies on a range of subjects, including mobile, community management, online video, augmented reality, next-gen user experience, data, search, marketing automation and connected TV. 

We're giving away a pair of tickets to FODM, allowing the lucky winner and a friend / colleague to attend for free (seats are usually £440).

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Q&A: Rowan Gormley on the new Naked Wines site

Naked Wines is launching a new version of its website today, along with a new system of pre-ordering wine in advance. 

I've been talking to Naked Wines Founder Rowan Gormley about the changes to the website, as well how the company uses social media.

Rowan will also be speaking at Econsultancy's Future of Digital Marketing event in June.