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Reaching out to the blogosphere can pay dividends

Ford has shipped out a few of its new Lincoln MKS sedans to bloggers, along with a brand new Flip video camera. And the preliminary results are in. Today on her lifestyle and self improvement site DishyMix, Susan Bratton posted Lincoln MKS's "First Video Review," and if her daughter's reaction is any hint, it is a hit.

It's unclear how far this effort will spread around the blogosphere, but it is a smart effort on Ford's part. They're obviously hoping the reviews will be positive, but by sending out Flip cameras with the vehicles, Ford has attached its brand (that it hopes to position as a technological marvel) to a fun little gadget that has great brand recognition and usability. Obviously the automanufacturer is hoping its car will inspire similar reactions.


Will Ford's gutsy social media campaign work?

Ford Motor Company was founded almost 106 years ago and it's been through its fair share of ups and downs over the years. But like other auto manufacturers, it's currently in a battle to survive one of the toughest economic environments ever seen.

So it's doing what other great companies have done throughout the years when faced with a great challenge: it's taking a risk. In this case, it's turning to social media.


Ford revs up social media solution

fordFord's social media director Scott Monty might have thought he was off to a safe start with a little audience participation during a recent conference presentation. "How many people here," he asked, "have ever driven a Ford?" Most of the audience raised their hand. "Now how many of you would buy one?"

And the room froze like a rusted carburetor. "That's the problem," he said.

The solution? Part of it is in a social media program that Monty believes will restore some of Ford's lost "humanity" as a brand and continue to put some distance between Ford and the two other Detroit carmakers, Chrysler and GM. "Somewhere along the line," said the company's digital and multimedia content manager, "we lost our personality. We can gain it back with social media."


Ford leads with interactive effort

fusion hybridAgainst all odds, and against all business logic, the early signs look like Ford Motors might be turning around. Unlike GM and Chrysler it has turned away government bailout money, seeking instead to get its house in order through more efficient operations. And unlike GM and Chrysler it internet effort is meshing with its product line and positioning.

The auto maker has taken at least some market share gains every month for the past year. And although it is prone to the same disastrous numbers that have led to those trips to Capitol Hill and concessions from its unions, some of its numbers are looking up. Ad Age reports that in the first two months of the year, the number of qualified buyers who planned to buy a Ford jumped 16% from 2008. Qualified buyers who intended to buy GM fell 12% and Chrysler 33%.