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Site review: Pets at Home

Pet products retailer Pets at Home launched a brand new website last week, a long-overdue revamp.

The previous version of the website was a disappointment for such a well known retailer, especially as it was the obvious place to go online for things like fish tanks and cat scratching posts. 

So how does the new version of the site, which uses Salmon's e-commerce platform, shape up?


Site review: Virgin Trains revamp

Virgin Trains relaunched its website yesterday with an updated look and feel for the site, which apparently aims to 'convey the brand's new positioning of train travel as superior to other modes of transport'.

I'm not sure whether it does that, but it does look a lot better than the previous version. I've been comparing the site with the old version...


10 ways to avoid spam in all its forms

Despite all of the tools that are brought to bear in the War on Spam, spammers continue to ply their trade successfully. The most prolific reach millions upon millions of people and are adept at adjusting to new weapons that aim to shut them down.

The truth is that defeating spam doesn't require more technology but changes in human nature. Here are 10 common sense ways to avoid spam that are forgotten or overlooked far more often than we'd like to believe.


The joy of FAIL: 20 horrific and amusing error messages

It can be incredibly frustrating when things do not go to plan. In an online environment there are always going to be mishaps due to human error or some kind of technology or design failure. 

Nobody likes to encounter resistance in their daily activities, but the PC generation is used to things going wrong, as well as the ridiculous error messages that are sometimes displayed when problems occur.

How you communicate issues is highly important, and there are any number of ways of getting it right, or wrong, as we shall see...

8 comments trumpets usability

Insurance aggregator has been promoting its new look site recently with a TV campaign which focuses on the usability of its website.

On the ads, has got its customers to say what they think about the new-look site, with a focus on the improved user experience. With this in mind, how easy is it to get a car insurance quote on the new site?