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Online takeaway service Just-Eat secures £30m in funding

Online takeaway ordering service Just-Eat has just secured $48m (£30m) in funding which will allow the company to consolidate its position in the UK and accelerate its expansion into other markets. 

The funding round was co-led by Greylock Partners and Redpoint Ventures, with support from existing investor Index Ventures

Founded in Denmark in 2000, the company partners with small takeaway restaurants and allows them to display menus and take orders from online customers. 


Digg's painful lesson: take the money and run while you can

At one point in the no-so-distant past, Digg was one of the hottest startups on the internet. The Web 2.0 boom was in full swing, and Digg and its founder Kevin Rose were the poster children for the next generation of companies that would ride the wave to fame and fortune.

Digg, of course, rose to popularity by providing a platform that democratized the news. Why rely on editors to determine what's important and what's not?Let the wisdom of the crowd works its magic. It was a simple idea, but a powerful one.


Are super angels conspiring against entrepreneurs?

Startups looking for funding increasingly have a new class of investor to pitch: super angels. These are individual angels who have raised money from others in the hopes that their smallish funds will serve as the basis for an investing model that merges the best of the angel and VC models.

The value proposition to entrepreneurs looking for funding: we're as nimble and friendly as angels, but we have more money available if we decide to make a big bet. But is this all a facade?


Ten dangerous ideas for startup entrepreneurs

Starting a new business is a positive action, and in my experience most entrepreneurs are positive people. But sometimes that positivity can mask harsh realities that many entrepreneurs would rather ignore, and can lead them to buy into ideas that are detrimental to success.

Here are ten dangerous ideas that many startup entrepreneurs buy into that they shouldn't.


GetJar secures $11m funding for its app store

Mobile app store GetJar announced today that it has received $11m (£7.4m) in Series B funding from Accel Partners. 

GetJar is the second largest mobile app store. and unlike Apple, it is an open ecosystem, providing apps for smartphones and feature phones across a range of platforms. 


Do Facebook apps need funding?

While browsing through my RSS reader earlier, I came across an interesting post on PaidContent: a Facebook app called Second Porch raised $1m in funding from an angel fund.

I immediately scratched my head and asked myself: do most entrepreneurs behind individual Facebook apps like Second Porch really need to raise funding for their app businesses? It's a question that I think is increasingly important as more and more entrepreneurs launch their ideas on Facebook, not as standalone websites.


Jason Calacanis sticks up for 'poor' entrepreneurs but is the effort misguided?

Jason Calacanis has declared war on organizations that charge entrepreneurs to pitch investors on their startups. With "boiling blood", he used a post on his blog this weekend to shame these organizations and to threaten them with extinction.

Singled out: a number of groups, including the well-known Keiretsu Forum. All of which charge entrepreneurs fees to present their businesses to "rich angel investors" who Calacanis believes are exploiting "poor" entrepreneurs.


Is Twitter worth $1bn?

Popular microblogging service Twitter is the Silicon Valley equivalent of a Hollywood celebrity that the paparazzi can't stop following. And it doesn't look like that's set to change anytime soon given that the company may be on the verge of raising another massive round of funding.

According to TechCrunch's Michael Arrington, multiple sources are indicating that Twitter CEO Evan Williams disclosed a new $50m (give or take) round of funding at a company meeting. And the valuation for the round will be four times the previous round's $250m valuation. Yes, $1bn.

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Five ways to finance your new business

Starting a new business isn't cheap. Even on the internet, I've seen more than a few entrepreneurs experience surprise when they start to realize how much it costs to get a venture off the ground.

Making sure your new business is well-capitalized is an important part of achieving success. For that reason, it's important to ask the question: how much do I really need and where am I going to get it?


Q&A: Tom Harrow on childcare search site has been going for around two years now, and recently relaunched the site after receiving a second round of funding.

The site works allows parents to search for nannies and childminders in their local area, and to advertise on the site when they require childminding services. I've been talking to owner Tom Harrow, who runs the website with his wife Vanessa...

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Wigadoo to close as European funding market flatlines

Bad luck to Andy Cockburn and the Wigadoo team, following the news that it is closing down. 

I really liked the Wigadoo model, and so did the likes of Brent Hoberman, who backed it. Wigadoo basically helped people to go Dutch online, for group outings such as events. So rather than having one person pay for four tickets, each person could chip into a central pot. 

Simply put, the company ran out of time and money, and the appetite from the investment community wasn’t there to issue a new round of funding to take the business forward.