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Three tips for an international SEO strategy

One of the key challenges for businesses planning international expansion is tailoring their content and SEO strategy to local markets.

The intricacies of local language and colloquialisms means it’s not as simple as just running your keywords through Google Translator and hoping for the best.

At Econsultancy’s Funnel B2B marketing conference Search Laboratory’s Ian Harris outlined the three steps involved with adapting websites for international markets.

Here’s a run through of his main points...

marketing automation JFK

Marketing automation: the rocket science of B2B marketing

It’s the ultimate marketing weapon. No wonder we have a guilty conscience.

To past generations of marketers, marketing automation is the equivalent of a lunar landing. Imagine a JFK Jr. CMO speaking at a marketing convention ca. 2005:

"Within a decade, we shall be able to determine exactly who does what with our web-page, our on-site and off-site content and our email campaigns. We shall be able to track our prospects' activity, and bring them back safely to valuable content and propositions that suit their specific needs and experiences. Then measure our impact on the bottom line".

Well, we’re there. It’s called marketing automation.


Velocity's Stan Woods on B2B content marketing [video]

Stan Woods is the Managing Director of Velocity which he set up in 2001 with Econsultancy guest blogger Doug Kessler. Velocity specialises in B2B marketing for technology firms.

Stan will be speaking at Econusltancy's FUNNEL B2B marketing evebt next week, looking at using content marketing to segment and engage your audience.

In these videos, Stan speaks about his upcoming presentation and the relationship between sales and marketing...

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Marketing automation wants to play matchmaker for B2B and social

FUNNEL 2012Econsultancy has this month published the second edition of the Marketing Automation Buyer’s Guide, which contains an analysis of market trends, profiles of vendors and tips for marketers who want to invest in an automation platform.

Below, I've focused on one of the trends highlighted in the report: the integration of traditional prospect data with social data and the steps that marketing automation vendors have been taking in this area.


Lloyd's of London's Lucy Dawson on B2B and social media

Lucy Dawson is Digital Content Executive at Lloyd's of London, where she has led the 300-year-old insurance market's first forays into social media.

In her three years at Lloyd's she has driven forward several high profile digital projects -- including the launch of their current website and Lloyd's Facebook Timeline. 

Here, Lucy talks about her upcoming presentation at our FUNNEL B2B event, in which she looks at combining social media and content to develop longer lasting relationships. 


Which of your digital marketing channels assist most in conversions?

Attribution modelling, multi-channel funnels, customer journey mapping... it's all very hot at the moment.

As part of my preparation for a talk I'm giving this Wednesday I had a look at's own data for how different digital marketing channels contributed to conversions.

I was interested by what I found so wanted to share it here to see what others are learning. 


50 key takeaways and soundbites from FUNNEL

On Tuesday more than 500 B2B and B2C marketers attended FUNNEL, our first event to consider where marketing meets sales - and leads become revenue.

With a definite sense of new confidence in the air, the packed speaker programme looked at key challenges and opportunities facing ‘considered purchase’ marketers today – how to best attract, engage, nurture and convert leads.

I’ve collated some of the key takeaways and soundbites below...


Q&A: Bob Apollo on B2B marketing

Bob Apollo is the Managing Partner at Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners Ltd, a UK-based B2B sales and marketing performance improvement consultancy. 

He will be speaking at our Funnel B2B marketing event in November, about the smart tactics that SMEs can use to compete with larger brands. 

I've been asking Bob about how the web has changed B2B marketing, and how marketers need to adapt to mobile and social media...


Implementing marketing automation: five key success factors

FunnelWith the release of our first Marketing Automation Buyer's Guide this week, we aim to shed some light on the trends and issues affecting this fast-developing sector, as well as provide information about best practice and tips for successful marketing automation implementations.


Five reasons why B2B marketers need a coherent approach to digital content

In an interesting though at times over-excited Marketing Manifesto ebook Velocity proposes six B2B Staples, the first of which is content marketing.

Content has always been important to B2B, so why all of a sudden am I writing a blog post about it? For the simple reason that the business audience mindset has been shifting and digital content is the new brochure. 


Introducing Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels

Some call it multi-touch attribution, others call it engagement mapping. Google calls it Multi-Channel Funnels and it has to be one of the biggest talking points in online marketing measurement circles today.

Whatever you want to call it, it is now live in limited pilot for some lucky Google Analytics customers.


Google focuses in on the funnel

When it comes to online advertising and tracking conversions, the first click is often just as important as the last click. And sometimes, it's not even about clicks per se. But unfortunately many advertisers only track the last click.

Google is hoping to change that for AdWords advertisers with a new feature it introduced earlier this week called Search Funnels.