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How John Lewis uses Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Google+

In recent weeks I’ve begun looking at the different ways in which some of the world’s biggest brands use social media.

Having already run the rule over ASOS, Walmart and Tesco, the next retailer under the spotlight is John Lewis.

John Lewis has had an excellent start to the year, announcing a 44% increase in online sales over Christmas. You can read more about it in our Q&A with the company’s head of online delivery and customer experience Sean O'Connor.

Unlike Walmart and Tesco, John Lewis doesn’t publish its own social media guidelines online, however in a previous interview its social community manager said that content is key, “with a tailored approach for each social media channel.”

So here’s a quick look at how it uses four of the main social networks...


How ASOS uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

ASOS is streets ahead of the competition in many aspects of ecommerce, so it’s no surprise that it was quick to see the potential in social media marketing.

It has won numerous awards for its social strategy and clocked up millions of fans and followers in the process.

I’ve previously looked at how Walmart and Tesco use the major social networks, so thought it would be useful to shift the focus onto one of the world’s most innovative social brands.

So here is a quick look at how ASOS uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+...


The ghost of social networks past

Friendster, Bebo, Tribe, Vox—we’ve missed you of late. As today is supposed to mark the end of the world, the virtual social worlds of years past have been much on our mind. 

Where have they gone? Why did they go? Do we even care?

It’s hard to answer those questions without first marveling at what now falls under “social.” A decade ago, blogs and sites like Friends Reunited or were peripheral to our daily digital lives. Today online sociability is the norm: We turn to Yelp reviews when deciding about a restaurant or, when that fails, post on our Facebook walls—“Hey, where can I find good Thai in Philly?” We laugh at cat videos all day long, and we add our IMHO to a long list of responses to ire-inducing blog posts.


Topshop is still top retailer on Facebook and Twitter, but Topman is #1 for Pinterest

Let me start by saying that social media isn’t all about collecting the most fans and followers. Having 1m ‘likes’ means nothing if you aren’t engaging with them in some way other than spouting marketing messages.

But even so, that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to look at which brands have managed to build the biggest following across the major social networks.

The latest update of eDigitalResearch’s Social Media Benchmark assesses how more than 100 of the UK’s top retail organisations by revenue are using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest and how successful they have been.

Here's a summary of some of the results...

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The inbound marketing explosion: infographic

47% of companies are expected to increase their inbound marketing budget for 2012, according to data from online business community G+.

It's no wonder, since the average cost to acquire a new lead through outbound marketing in 2011 was $373, compared to just $143 from inbound marketing.

The main reason for this budget increase however was found to be past success using inbound tactics, which attracts customers by offering useful, relevant information.


SXSW: Could developers fill the ghost town of Google Plus?

On one of the main stages today at SXSW, Guy Kawasaki held a fireside chat with Vic Gundotra to talk Google Plus. Is it really the ghost town everyone says it is?

Though Gundotra spoke enthusiastically about the number of active users - 100 million are active within every 30-day period - this accounts for users signed in, not going to the Google+ stream itself. But that shouldn't matter, Gundotra argued, as it's about the whole experience so that should be measured. Does that mean Google+ really is a ghost town and Google doesn't want to admit it?

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Cadbury's top five best practice tips for Google+

Google+ is still a mystery to many brands, but some brave souls have been using the fledgling social platform to build a new community of brand advocates.

As of this week Cadbury has been added to more than 500,000 G+ circles, making it the most popular consumer brand on the social network.

We recently reported on its G+ product launch, but what other tactics has the confectionery brand used to build its community?

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Gender-based marketing: infographic

Community site G+, not to be confused with Google+, has taken a look at gender difference in marketing this week - an issue that came up just this week during a session I was running on social customer service.

Though my response was that making sweeping statements about behaviour according to gender was a difficult thing to do - and isn't entirely useful - it is fair to say that in the US at least, women retain a lot of control over buying decisions.

I'd still take the stats below (based on US data) with a pinch of salt, there are nuances in demographic, platform, network - but there are some interesting findings within. Particularly the point about biological programming and the colour pink...

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Q&A: RBS on Google+

Following our review of H&M's Google+ page - and a compilation of some of the best G+ photos strips - several brands have approached us, keen to discuss their use of the developing platform.

To coincide with the impending relaunch of its website, we start with a brief Q&A with Royal Bank of Scotland Group's Devang Chouhan on why G+ is a priority from a search perspective.


Will Google+ encourage a new wave of link spam?

Google Search Plus Your WorldIt was about time we had another buzzphrase to obsess over, and Google Search, plus Your World (so concise) fits the bill perfectly.

Here is a social search algorithm update that ticks so many boxes it's like SEO bingo heaven.

I’ve read a lot of articles (some brilliant, one of which is Russell McAthy over on Freshegg, and some have no substance) about the implications of Search+.

After I let all the info sink in, a penny dropped. The conclusion I came to was that Search+ will inevitably be a new source of link spam...


H&M and G+: a closer look at best practice

Late last week it was revealed that none other than high street fashion label H&M had become the most followed brand Google+.

The top ten was compiled by Simply Measured, based on the number of “circlers” for each brand in early February, with usual suspects Pesi, Starbucks and Burberry also making an appearance.

Though H&M's Facebook page has 9.7m Facebook fans — about 19 times the number on Google+ - it’s undoubtedly becoming a viable marketing channel. 

Just what is H&M doing? And is the right way to go?