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Is Adobe trying to kill Flash with premium features?

For many, Flash is the bane of the web and its death will be a cause for celebration.

A more balanced perspective is that Flash was at one point incredibly useful, but like many useful things, it was overused and abused and will increasingly have less and less utility as newer and better web technologies let us achieve things we once had to turn to Flash for.


Draw Something: one app + five weeks + 20m downloads = $200m acquisition by Zynga

What does a single app that generates 20m downloads and $100,000 per day in revenue in five weeks? In the case of OMGPOP, the maker of the hit app Draw Something, it apparently gets you acquired in week six.

Today, social gaming giant Zynga announced that it has acquired OMGPOP.

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Rovio, Walmart team up for Angry Birds Space launch

It's going to be a big week for Rovio, which has become one of the world's most valuable gaming companies thanks to its ultra-popular Angry Birds franchise. On Thursday, the latest Angry Birds game, Angry Birds Space, will make its way to app stores around the internet.

But for players looking to maximize their Angry Birds Space experience, a trip to the local Walmart may be in order.


Nielsen reveals that streaming accounts for 14% of time spent on Xbox 360

If Microsoft needed any more support for its decision to reposition the Xbox 360 console as an all-in-on entertainment hub, Nielsen’s latest statistics provide just that.

The research company has revealed a sneak preview of its third annual 360° Gaming Report for the US market, which shows that streaming represents a reported 14% of time spent on the Xbox 360.

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Gaming brands need to work on customer experience: survey

Consumers are less likely to recommend a gambling brand based on good customer experience than companies in the retail, mobile, banking and travel sectors. 

Just 47% of consumers would endorse a gambling brand, compared with a high of 73% for retailers, and 64% for mobile phone brands, the second lowest score. 

With the help of Toluna Quick, we surveyed 5,000 UK consumers in September as part of our research for the Econsultancy / Foviance Multichannel Customer Experience Report

Here are some of the findings from the gaming section of the accompanying consumer survey report... 


Exploding screen strategies

Conversations about three screen strategies became conversations about four screen strategies this year. It looked like tablets would be used concurrently with PCs and mobiles, at least for a while, so fashionable jargon received an update.

Where are we now? Five screen strategies? Five and half screen strategies? The number of screens may explode in the not too distant future. 

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Facebook to make Credits mandatory for games in July

The market for digital goods and virtual currency on its site is already a billion-dollar one, but up until now, Facebook is capturing only a fraction of the business.

The reason: it gives developers great freedom to monetize their applications using whatever business models and third-party services they think work best.

But that will be coming to an end this July as the world's largest social network looks to further boost its revenue growth.

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Microsoft: in-game advertising is doing great

JJ Richards, general manager of Massive, the in-game ad network Microsoft purchased in 2006 for an amount estimated to be between $200m and $400m, has a message for anyone who believes that in-game advertising must have been overhyped due to steep layoffs in his unit and rumors that Microsoft has been shopping it to potential buyers. That message is: in-game advertising is doing great thank you very much.

In a post on the Microsoft Advertising Blog, Richards states "I want to set the record straight by divulging five basic facts about in-game advertising".


1 vs 100 on Xbox LIVE is the future of gaming

If you're an aging Gen Y'er like me, you probably remember playing Super Mario Brothers on your brand spanking new Nintendo and thinking that technology just couldn't get much better. Fast forward. Today's gaming devices put Ataris, Nintendos and Segas to shame and thanks to the internet, the gaming experience is more interactive and social than ever before.

And if a new initiative from Microsoft and Endemol is any indication, today's gaming experience is only going to get more interactive and social.


Geoff Inns talks about the growth of Gamespot UK

Gaming news and reviews website Gamespot is now the most popular site for gamers in the UK, with a total audience of 4.5m.

Gamespot, along with the rest of CNET's network of media sites, was acquired by CBS last year for $1.8bn. I've been talking to Geoff Inns, CBS Interactive's UK Product Director for games and entertainment about the recently released ABCe figures.