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GoPro launches video licensing for brands

GoPro, manufacturer of the high-def cameras that are commonly used to shoot first-person action video, has launched GoPro Licensing to help marketers spice up their campaigns.

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Five key implications of Getty Images embeds that publishers need to know

Getty Images this week decided to make its library of more than 35m images available, for free, to bloggers and social media users.

But what does this mean for publishers, and should they just dive straight in to a world of free content?

Let's take a closer look.


Yahoo teams with Getty Images for image and video search

Is a big part of search's future based on content partnerships?

You might think so looking at the recent deals Bing has struck with Encyclopaedia Britannica and Yelp.


Flickr partners with Getty Images for user-licensed photos

Snap the perfect photo that you're uploading to Flickr? Find the perfect photo on Flickr for an article you're writing? Thanks to an expanded relationship between Flickr and Getty Images, licensing that perfect Flickr photo is now a lot easier.

Based on the apparent success of the Flickr Collection on Getty Images, the companies have launched a new 'Request to License' program that could significantly expand the pool of Flickr photos that are available for licensing.


Time Inc. breathes new life into the Life brand online

Is the internet going to be a godsend for traditional publishers or will it turn out to be a cruel hoax?

The answer to that depends on a lot of things, some of which are out of the control of publishers, such as the state of the economy and ad market.