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Everything brands need to know about Gifs

The internet economy has been partying like it's 1999, so it's fitting that something that was popular in 1999, the animated Gif, has found a role on the modern web.

Here's what brands need to know about the image file format that has found new life.


Where to find and create your own brilliant Gifs

The question isn’t whether you should use Gifs or not, it’s where do I get them and how many can I legitimately cram into a single article?

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How Burberry and Topshop used social to rule at London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is over for another year, and what a week it's been.

The Econsultancy content team have been to exactly zero catwalk shows and no glitzy parties, and quite frankly we're exhausted.

Thankfully our friends in the world of fashion were kind enough to share all the glamour via social media, so we have a fair idea of what went on at the major fashion shows.

Data from Hotwire PR shows that Burberry managed to drive the most conversations around its show with 21,958 tweets, while Topshop came a distant second with 9,108.

This is likely because they're two of Britain's most recognised fashion brands, but both have also engaged in some interesting social activity around London Fashion Week.

Here's a quick run through of what they've been up to, and for a look back at previous years read our posts from LFW 2013 and 2012...


Two ways to use CSS in email (yes, that's right, email)

As a follow up to my blog on Creative ways to use mobile in your email marketing campaigns, I wanted to focus on the opportunities which now exist to use CSS in mobile emails.

CSS is generally viewed as bad for email, and on the whole it needs to be used carefully however if you are smart with it you can get some great results.