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Buy it now, or not: eBay can't sell GM's cars

Life is tough for General Motors. Once the world's largest and most powerful automaker, the Great Recession put the final nail in the coffin of a company that had grown too large and too lackadaisical to survive.

But thanks to Chapter 11 bankruptcy and the support of the United States government, GM is trying to reinvent itself. It's spending lots of money trying to convince consumers to give its cars a second look and it's looking for new solutions to old problems.


How not to be the GM of your industry

Yesterday, United States President Barack Obama told American automaker GM what most of us have known for at least the past several months: right now, the beleaguered automaker is in no shape to stay in business.

GM's CEO Rick Wagoner stepped down at the request of the Obama administration and the company has little time to prove to the US government that it can right the ship or it will not be given the additional government aid it can't survive without.


Agency IOUs: Big brands wimp out on payments

wimpyI will gladly pay you Tuesday for an advertisement today.  Well, make that four months from Tuesday. That's no problem, is it?

As the Feds bail out the banks, the advertisers have apparently decided their agencies are banks. At least, that's how they're treating them when it comes to payment terms. Both the Wall Street Journal and Ad Age are taking a long, hard look at the story today.

It seems many agencies are willing to go along with advertising on the installment plan, forced on agencies by enormo brands such as GM and Anheuser-Busch.  Reportedly, GM, whose brand portfolio includes Cadillac, Buick and Pontiac, has offered to pay ad production firms half a TV spot's production costs 60 days after the first day of shooting, and the remaining half when the ad is finished.