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Google+ Pages: what you need to know

If Google+ is ever going to compete with Facebook, it's clear that Google will need to attract brands and celebrities to its social network.

After all, brands and celebrities have become a fixture on Facebook, with some racking up millions of fans.

Perhaps wisely, Google launched Google+ with a focus on individuals. The logic seems sensible: to build a social network in which individuals can connect with brands and celebrities, you need individuals.

Those individuals, of course, aren't interested exclusively in liking Coca-Cola or posting messages on Lady Gaga's wall; they primarily want to interact with real people.

4 comments gets into reputation monitoring and search

Thanks to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. information is being collected, aggregated and distributed faster than ever. That's a good thing for a number of reasons, but keeping track of what's taking place on the 'real-time' web can be challenging.

Plenty of companies are trying to do just that. From helping consumers stay on top of the latest news to assisting companies with their online reputations, players in the social media search and monitoring spaces are taking numerous approaches.

But some of the best positioned companies are those that collect the seemingly countless links that are shared every day on sites like Facebook and Twitter.


Just three of Google's management team have used Google+

Last week, one blogger published an interesting analysis of Google management's use of their company's new social network, Google+.

The result: "only 3 of the 12 people listed on the Google Management Team page have ever made a single public post on Google+, totaling just 29 posts ever and only 6 in September".

When including SVPs, the results aren't any better: "of the 18 most senior people charged with overseeing Google, 11 have either not joined or have never made a single public post, and 5 have barely used it at all".

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Ich mag nicht: Germany outlaws "Like"

Germany has a long history of protecting its citizen’s right to online privacy. A quick glance through the statutes will reveal for example that Germans can ask Google to pixelate their homes on streetview (god forbid some random map-browser should identify your dirty net curtains).

While studies show that Germans are still big users of social media, Facebook faced a serious problem on Friday as the state of Schleswig-Holstein announced a blanket ban on the use of the "Like" button.

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Google+ and search results: the opportunity for brands

You may have noticed that Google has started using data from Google+ in search results. For a user this is intriguing and potentially useful - it personalises your search experience.

For brands it begins to explain the benefit you can get from Google+, as well as showing how you should make the most of the opportunities that it offers.


Are cracks already showing in Google+?

Google+ may represent the biggest threat Facebook has ever faced since it launched more than half a decade ago. But is Google's new social network, which may be off to the fastest start ever for a social network, already buckling underneath the surface?

Despite the fact that Google may have finally built a social network capable of competing in the market, cracks are showing which raise doubts about Google+'s future prospects.


Brands want in on Google+

The third time might just be the charm for Google. After watching its first two social networking initiatives, Buzz and Wave, flop, it looks like the search giant may have a hit on its hands with Google+.

Not surprisingly, brands, many of which have learned to eagerly embrace new digital technologies, want to kick the tires on Google+ sooner than later.


Google+ : Early access doesn’t mean early success

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you’ll be aware of the huge buzz (no pun intended) surrounding Google+, the search giant’s latest foray into the world of social networking.

Google learned some harsh lessons from the failure of Buzz and Wave, and based on initial impressions it looks as though they’ve done a much better job this time around.

The product is currently in limited beta, but Google’s policy of initially inviting the social media ecosphere of bloggers, gurus and assorted hangers-on is certainly paying some handsome PR dividends.

Across Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora (and yes, even Facebook), you’ll be hearing the great and the good praising the new platform, telling us how great it looks, how useful it is and generally flaunting their early access like Wayne and Garth with a backstage pass.

If you’re on Google+ then hey, you must be an influencer right?


Should marketers pay attention to Google+?

Is the third time the charm? Google is certainly hoping so following the beta launch of its latest attempt at building a social network, Google+.

And that hope may not be entirely misplaced. Many of those who have Google+ accounts have positive things to say about the search behemoth's social network.

Perhaps that's because Google has learned from its mistakes, or because it may have been heavily 'inspired' by Facebook.