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Google+ lets you start a conversation directly from search results

Yesterday, Google rolled out yet another new feature for Google+ that lets you start a conversation directly from search results - and contribute to a topical Google+ stream.

In a post on Google+ (of course), associate product manager Alex Unger said that if you search for a keyword of phrase like basketball from within Google+, you can then create a post directly from the results shown.


Google could face EU antitrust action by April

Antitrust regulators in Europe have Google in their sights. In November 2010, the European Commission opened an informal investigation into the search giant to determine if it is abusing its position in the market.

The investigation covers everything from the company's treatment of competitors' search results to its new social network Google+. Normally, antitrust investigations like this take years to complete, but it appears that the EU may be moving much more quickly than normal.

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Search plus: five changes you need to make to your SEO campaigns

Well, it's a few days since Google announced  Search Plus Your World and I’ve had a chance to start to think a little about how this dramatic shift in the personalisation of results might change the day-to-day tactics of the search campaigns I work on.

Please note: I’ll be referring this as Search+ henceforth, rather than the namepuke “Search Plus Your World”.

Here are six small tweaks to make to your SEO campaigns, thanks to Search+... 


Google 'Search, plus Your World': the experts' view

Google announced yesterday that it will begin to integrate and give more prominence to content from Google Plus in its search results pages. 

This change, which will affect logged in users, of which there are many, raise some interesting questions, and has several potential implications for SEO. 

It will also worry rival social networks. For example, Twitter's Alex McGillivary called it 'a bad day for the internet' in a tweet yesterday: 

I've been asking search experts for their opinions on the possible consequences of this new move from Google. 


Google adds social content from Google+ into search results

Google has added a new function called 'Search, plus Your World' that gives prominence to content from Google+ within search results.

To be precise, there are actually three new features – People and Pages, Personal Results and Profiles in Search.


Google rolls out redesigned homepage

Google has started to roll out a new look, which it says will create a “simple and intuitive” user experience.

The redesign, which is only available to a limited number of users at the moment, replaces the current black strip at the top of the page with a grey logo.

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Social signals and search: what is the impact?

It's no secret that search engines are increasingly looking at social signals such as tweets or Facebook Likes as part of their fast evolving algorithms.

The arrival of Google+ and subsequent launch of brand page functionality has focused the spotlight on social signals as a factor in influencing search engine visibility.

As part of the research for our latest Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing, we looked at the impact this trend is having on digital marketers. Here, we have also talked to some leading search experts about their thoughts on this subject.


Google follows Currents launch with activity-recommendation tool Schemer and face recognition on Google+

Following reports from LeWeb that Google has been working on expanding its location-based products, the company has quietly released Schemer, an invite-only web application designed to help people explore both new and familiar cities.

In line with Google’s promotion of Google+ as a central hub for all of its products, the news was announced there by a self-described “scrappy group of Google engineers who wanted to help people do fun stuff in the real world.”


Google's Schmidt says Android has already overtaken iOS

During a discussion with LeWeb founder Loic Le Meur at the conference today, Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt shrugged off suggestions that Android still lags behind Apple’s iOS.

Making some bold predictions about the company's future products, he also suggested that Google TV will be embedded in the majority of televisions by next summer.


Google takes to the small screen to promote Google+

It's not exactly surprising that the world's most prominent online advertising company, Google, pretty much shunned television ads for the first decade of its existence.

After all, it helped pioneer an ad model that has shifted budget away from traditional forms of advertising.

But as the search giant has moved beyond search and search ads to launch new digital products, it has clearly accepted the notion that there's a place for television advertising.


Google+ grows in the US but confuses most Britons

Social platform Google+ has scored its third highest week of visits launching in June, according to statistics from Experian Hitwise.

6.8m people in the US visited in the week ending November 12, a 5% increase compared to the week before and a 25% increase compared to a month ago.


Google finally launches Google Music

After what seems like years of rumors and speculation, Google finally launched a digital music service yesterday.

Dubbed Google Music, the service can be accessed through a mobile app and the Android Market website. Through deals with EMI, Universal, Sony and a multitude of indie labels, Google says that it's today offering upwards of 8m songs, with millions more coming soon.