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Are you prepared for Google's AuthorRank?

Since Google introduced its authorship programme last year, there has been plenty of speculation on how it may affect search rankings in future, and the potential advantage it gives to verified authors. 

The most obvious immediate benefit is that the addition of an author image helps the result to stand out in the SERPs and should therefore lead to a higher click through rate.

In an excellent post on the SEOmoz blog last week, Mike Arneson states his belief that Google is about to implement AuthorRank. 

So, which signals will Google take into account for AuthorRank? 


US and UK newspaper sites: who’s leading the way on Google +?

Despite its relative youth, Google+ now has over 100 million signed up user accounts and many big brands have at least created a presence on the site.  

But you might expect major media sites to be leading the way, given the potential to share content and drive traffic. So how well are national newspapers in the UK and US doing when it comes to Google+, and who’s leading the way?

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Five brands that are using Google+ effectively

According to latest figures, Google+ now has over 100m users. A phenomenal feat when you consider that the network has only been around for a little over six months.

So it's no surprise to see more and more brands getting in on the act.

The challenge many brands are facing with Google+ is how to use the network as a business communications tool and what use they can find for it that they would not be able to find on other similar networks.

A few brands are already making interesting moves, using it in effective ways to engage with their audiences... 

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Top 10 takeaways from SES London 2012

Last week saw the annual SES (Search Engine Strategies) conference in 2012 where all the big names in search gave their view on the year ahead.

The overarching hot topics were probably Google + and SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile).

There are some good round-ups to be found online (e.g. Andrew Girdwood's blog and Kevin Gibbon's blog) so for now, here’s my (and my colleague Richard Lewis’) top 10 take-aways for you to think about.

(Apologies in advance if I haven’t given the right people the right credit, feel free to comment if I missed you off the list.)


Why Google + is already giving better social ranking signals than Twitter

There’s no secret in the SEO world that many of us suspect that the reason why Google has been pushing Google+ so aggressively.

It isn’t just to build its own successful social network, but also to gain access to data on what content and websites are being shared socially as this could be a great addition to their search algorithm.

You have to have been living below a rock the last year to have missed out on studies which have suggested volume of shares on Facebook and Twitter having a correlation with high rankings.

There might not be causation there yet, but that certainly seems the direction we’re heading in, with social signals becoming a ranking factor.

Here are five reasons why Google+ is already finding this data more useful than the Twitter Firehose...