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Early reaction to the new AdSense interface

Google logoAfter a year’s worth of tweaking, Google is rolling out a new interface for its AdSense contextual advertising platform. The goal? To help publishers "make more money," according to the Inside AdSense blog. The company says over two million publishers currently use AdSense, and the changes come as a result of listening to lots of feedback.

Makes sense, but the fact there are multiple contextual and in-text ad networks to use, as well as targeted networks such as Glam and Complex Media that publishers can join, was likely just as much a factor in the revamp.


Google opens AdSense up to ad networks

AdSense publishers received some potentially good news the other day: Google is opening up AdSense to third party ad networks.

The move, which will enable these ad networks to compete with AdWords advertisers for available AdSense inventory, is clearly designed to boost Google's revenue from the AdSense program.

Google believes that "more competition [will translate] into better ads and increased revenue in the long run". Because Google shares revenue with AdSense publishers, any gains seen by Google should also benefit publishers.


Six easy ways to boost your AdSense revenue

Google AdSense is a popular monetization tool for many online publishers. And for good reason: it's quick and easy to set up. If you have a website, AdSense gives you the opportunity to start earning money almost immediately.

But many publishers don't maximize their AdSense earning potential. Here are six easy ways to make sure that you're getting the most out of AdSense.


Facebook's click fraud problem

Click fraud is a major issue when it comes to search marketing and big money is at stake.

The source of the most insidious click fraud: rogue third-party publishers who participate in PPC ad networks run by companies like Google and Yahoo and who use click fraud in an attempt to intentionally inflate their earnings.


A 10-point checklist for landing page design

The fallout from Google's new 'Quality Score' is growing, with talk of "mass defections" to MSN and Yahoo, but if you want to stick with Google Adwords then you need to know how to create some quality landing pages.

A quality landing page is one that reinforces ‘conversion intent’. To do this, you need to consider the mindset of your visitor and provide just enough information to persuade them to convert. And no unnecessary distractions… ok?

So what are the 10 things you need to know about designing landing pages? Read on to find out...


Six WordPress ad-related plugins

Monetizing a blog can be hard. If you're using WordPress, eliminate some of the time you're probably spending managing your ads so that you can focus on producing great content and finding ways to better monetize that content.

Here are 6 WordPress plugins to help you do just that.


Detecting click fraud

Earlier this week E-consultancy's own Drama 2.0 discussed current click fraud rates with PPC ad programs.

As an active user of PPC marketing, I wanted to chime in with my strategy for dealing with the issue.


ClickForensics - click fraud rate steady, botnet click fraud up

ClickForensics, a company that sells "traffic quality management" solutions, released data about PPC click fraud rates in the third quarter last month.

The results are generated by the company's Click Fraud Index, which collects data from over 4,500 advertisers and agencies.


Google trying to comfort publishers in times of turmoil?

Last week I received an email from Google that was sent to AdSense publishers.

It addressed concerns they may have about the economic situation.

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The Web Week in Review

It was another crazy week for the global economy and there was plenty of news to follow. Here are the tech stories that caught my eye.


Google 'reintroduces' gambling ads to Adwords

Google is set to reintroduce gambling ads to Adwords, something that will quickly generate many millions in additional revenue for the search giant.

Licensed gaming operators will from tomorrow be able to buy paid search ads. Google previously allowed free games to be promoted via Adwords, but a blanket ban (of sorts, as we shall discover) came into effect in summer 2007.


The importance of ad placement

One of the most overlooked and least understood aspects of running an ad-based website that I think small to medium-sized publishers make is that of ad placement.

Many publishers simply slap up some banner ads (or Google AdSense ads) and never give any thought to how effective the placement of those ads is. Yet the placement of ads can mean the difference between great results and no results.

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