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Is Google's focus on social now an unhealthy obsession?

Google is arguably one of the most innovative companies to launch in the past century, but when it comes to social media, the company has found it hard to keep up.

Time and time again, its attempts to build social products to compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter have come up short. But Google isn't ready to give up.


Google Buzz finally gets an official 'share' button

Google made quite a few mistakes when it launched its Gmail-based social network, Buzz. Some mistakes, namely those related to privacy, overshadowed smaller mistakes.

One of those smaller mistakes: not giving publishers an easy way to encourage users to share their content on Buzz. With Facebook, Digg and Twitter 'share' buttons being almost ubiquitous across the web today, the fact that Google didn't release a 'share' button of its own is perhaps additional evidence of just how rushed the Buzz release was.


Google gets into content-scraping trouble with Buzz

With so many brands jumping at the chance to integrate real-time content into their interface, there are sure to be a few slip ups. But this time, Google has stepped in it with the launch of Google Buzz.

The search giant has already gotten into trouble over privacy issues surrounding its new social sharing service. But now Google is having ad scraping issues. Namely, the search giant has been serving its ads with other people's content.