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What is local SEO and why do you need it?

Local SEO is becoming one of the essential components to every business and brand that wants long-term success across search engines.

This comes from our latest Search Engine Optimisation Best Practice Guide, an in-depth report that’s invaluable for anybody working in digital marketing, looking to appoint an SEO agency, or simply trying to secure better search engine rankings.

Recently I covered some of the basic skills that all SEO beginners need to know however I didn’t include information on ‘local SEO’.

Here I’ll be rectifying that with a brief guide to what local SEO means and how you can use it to drive online searchers to your offline business.


Sneaky ways to top Google's local listings

You don’t have to be an SEO geek to have noticed that over the last six months or so, whenever you search for a phrase with a location in it, Google shows maps with local listings.

What you might not have realised is that these results are sorted and sequenced by a different and far more basic algorithm than the main search index. Not surprisingly given the simplicity of these system and prevalence of the listings, some cheeky beggars have been using some ingenious ways of boosting their rankings on Google Maps.


Google gets more local & more mobile

google locationGoogle Places. That's the new name of Google's Local Business Center. The search giant has rolled out a host of new features for local advertisers, including a mobile dimension that could help push QR codes into the mainstream.