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NSFW: LoveHoney finds a way to makes its sales data sexy

They say sex sells. And UK retailer LoveHoney is, uhm, in the business of selling sex. In an effort to sell more of it, the company has come up with a simple yet clever way to make its sales data sexy.

LoveHoney's new UK Sex Map gives customers (and curious onlookers) the answer to a simple question: how sexy is my town?


A new Google Monopoly that won't incite regulators

Marketing offline products in an increasingly digital world can be a difficult task. But gaming company Hasbro is going global to get the word out about its new version of Monopoly.

Starting tomorrow, Hasbro is launching a worldwide game of Monopoly online using Google Maps.

Users begin with $3 million of Monopoly cash in hand and can digitally purchase real city blocks around the world. They can then build skyscrapers, prisons or stadiums and begin collecting rent. Despite what you think about the game of Monopoly, this is a great move for Hasbro.

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Google empowers local businesses

The internet can be a powerful tool for local businesses but in many cases, it's the mom-and-pop shop down the street that doesn't have the resources or tech savvy to make the most of the web.

Google is trying to change that and yesterday announced the launch of a Local Business Center dashboard that gives local businesses a set of free tools to monitor and analyze their business listings on Google.


Widgetize your website with Google Web Elements

Widgets have become pretty much ubiquitous on the web. Plenty of companies are using widgets as a low-cost distribution strategy: they offer their tools and services in a form that enables users to embed those tools and services into their own websites.

Now Google is getting into the act. It wants to widgetize your blog and website with its products and has launched Google Web Elements to do just that.

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