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Why you need to start link earning now

If you’re still operating link building campaigns, it’s time to rethink your strategy. Here’s why and how.


Is it possible to fully recover from a Google penalty?

We've looked at identifying Google penalties and whether businesses are given enough information to recover from them

Here, I've asked our panel whether it's possible to fully recover from a penalty... 


Should Google do more to help sites recover from penalties?

Last week, I looked at how sites could identify that they had been penalised by Google.

But how easy is it to recover from a penalty? Does Google provide enough information to aid recovery? 


How can you tell if you have a Google penalty?

How can businesses find out that they have been penalised by Google? 

I've been asking a number of search experts for the tell-tale signs to look out for...


Why CMOs should be looking out for Google penalties

The recent spate of Google penalties has affected hundreds of brands across the web,  with some not even aware they were at risk.

The loss of traffic and leads that can result from a Google penalty means that it is critical as a CMO to be able to detect and deal with such issues as quickly as possible.


Google 'takes action' against major guest blog network

Earlier this year, Matt Cutts announced the 'death' of guest blogging for SEO, declaring it finished as a link building tactic. 

Now, following a tweet by Cutts announcing that action has been taken on a 'large guest blog network', it seems that, though Google hasn't confirmed it, MyBlogGuest is the 'victim'. 

It no longer ranks for its own brand name, a classic sign of a Google penalty, while I can't see it anywhere for terms like 'guest blogging'. 

Seemingly Google wants to send another message about guest blogging, so what does this mean? 


How JC Penney recovered from a Google penalty

Just three months after it was downgraded as a penalty for alleged 'black hat' link-building techniques, US department store J.C. Penney has recovered its organic search visibility on Google. 

How the retailer achieved this provides a good example of how Google penalties work.


SEO: a due diligence must?

When investing in or buying a company, taking a peek under the hood is all but required. Anything else, of course, is sort of like going to Vegas and betting a huge chunk of your retirement on black.

Generally, due diligence includes looking at a company's financials. From the top line to the bottom line, prospective investors and acquirers need to know how healthy a company is and where it appears to be headed. But when investing in or acquiring an online business, should investors and acquirers be paying more attention to the SEO profiles of the properties they're considering?