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Five key insights from our Search Engine Marketing Benchmark Report

Search marketing budgets are set to rise, with companies increasing spend on PPC and SEO in 2014. 

58% of companies plan to increase their paid search budgets this year, up from 55% in 2013, while 55% will spend more on SEO, up from 51% a year ago.

These findings come from the UK Search Engine Marketing Benchmark Report 2014, produced in association with Latitude.

Here are a few of the key findings from the report... 

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How are the UK’s fastest growing companies using Google+?

It’s a common declaration; ‘Google+ is a ghost town’. The search giant has amassed huge user numbers registered on its social network, but the lights are on while nobody’s home. 

The numbers seem to suggest as much, with apparently just 35% of Google+’s users active on a monthly basis, but anyone who’s a regular user will tell you the reality is more complicated than that.

The social network has hidden depths, they say. You’re just not doing it right. 

In our annual review of how the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 are using social media, we’ve found that the UK’s fastest growing technology companies are flocking to Google+, to the point where it’s on a par with Facebook in terms of businesses having a presence there. 

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Google Plus Custom Profile URL

New Google Plus custom URLs: more than meets the eye

With Google+ now allowing users to customise their user profiles many are flocking to get their custom vanity URL.

However, how many have read the "payment" section of the new terms of use?

Don't believe the hype

Don't believe the hype: Google+ does not mean great SEO

Yesterday, I had a rather heated debate with a fellow online marketer, on one of the most popular topics within SEO at the moment: Namely, the impact of Google+ (and its +1s) on search rankings - or lack of, to be more precise. 

Let me start this post with a couple of caveats. First up, whilst I'm very much on record as not being a fan of Google+ (I *may* have called it 'The King's New Clothes of Social Networking' a few times) my opinion about the topic in question is entirely unrelated to this.

I may not be a fan, but I certainly recognise the impressive offering Google have developed in the fight against Facebook. I have a Google Plus profile, I encourage our clients to use it too and I pop on there at least once a week to see what's what.


Autotrader on integrating SEO, PPC and social

Organic search is pretty vital for any business, PPC ads are increasingly clicked on by a higher proportion of searchers, and with Google Hummingbird, social is likely to become more important for long tail search results.

Anthony Robinson, Head of SEO at Razsor, Auto Trader’s search and web design arm, talked us through how these three disciplines should be seen in the round.

Greggs The Baker

How Greggs uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

While picking the brands to feature in our weekly social roundups I frequently focus on major global retailers or FMCGs such as Macy's, Coca-Cola or ASOS.

As far as I can recall, the only restaurant chain I’ve looked at so far has been McDonald’s so I thought it would be interesting to highlight one of its competitors.

Newcastle-based bakery chain Greggs obviously isn’t in quite the same league as Ronald and his crew, but it’s still an interesting case study in how a fast food chain can promote itself using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

Darth Vader Autograph

Google and authorship: more than just a picture in SERPs

Authorship is one of the hot topics in SEO at the moment.

Everyone expects authorship to have some value at some point but most people haven't given it much thought other than reading about how it can get your picture next to your content.

Let's change that...

G+ SoundCloud

A noisy newcomer: SoundCloud now embeds in Google Plus

Google+ continues to enrich its offering with embedded SoundCloud widgets now enabled. Here at Econsultancy, and across the web, many predict that G+ will gradually become more and more prominent.

Google+ Sign-In integration was launched on SoundCloud in May, and a week or so ago, embedding was brought to G+. All you need to do is share any SoundCloud URL to your Google+ circles and the widget will appear, automatically in the post.

It will be interesting to see if any brands start hosting audio in this way. Seems a quick and easy way to direct consumers to a stash of audio content, fairly seamlessly from G+.

Let's see how it looks, and examine some reasons for G+'s growth.

Manchester United

How Manchester United uses Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo and Google+

Manchester United has only been active on Twitter and Sina Weibo for one month, and Google + for less than a week. 

But with MUFC website traffic, in the last month of the 2012/2013 soccer season, at 67m page views, it's obvious there's plenty to work with here.

Along with a well-established Facebook page, MUFC has a foolproof and rather well executed strategy, best summed-up by the first G+ post.

Here you'll find a steady stream of iconic imagery, behind-the-scenes access, in-depth analysis and succinct storytelling about our club's rich history.

With Facebook adding many opportunities for MUFC to harvest email addresses from competitions and the like, and G+ a promising prospect for the same, there’s much to be cheerful about. Growing a big sports brand on social media is the equivalent of hitting a cow’s backside with a banjo.

Integrated Marketing Week

Emerging Platforms and Trends - watch our latest #IMW13 hangout live

This session will be a feast of everything new. We'll touch on future TV, digital out of home, and the multiscreen experience. Anything you want to talk about, we will! Come join us to discuss the future of marketing and how it'll affect what you do and when you do it. 

Update - unfortunately we suffered Google+ connectivity issues during this session, and were forced to cut the hangout short-we've posted the first part of the session here, and will post a follow up post with more detail soon. 

Watch the hangout live >>>


Is Google+ going to feature Facebook style promoted posts? you’re a regular user of Google+ (and if you aren’t, here’s some good reasons you should be), then you may have seen a few unusual posts popping up on your feed today.

This will lead to speculation that despite its previous ‘No ads’ stance, Google may be willing to include a few Facebook style promoted posts to add spice to the G+ mix...


Our Integrated Marketing Week Hangout: Managing Integration is live! #IMW13 to our latest Live Integrated Marketing Week hangout: Managing Integration.

Today our own Stefan Tournquist is joined by Kendra Bracken-Ferguson  cofounder and COO of Digital Brand Architects, and Scott Molitor, a managing principal at the Acxiom Institute.

If you have any questions for our panel, you can post in the comments here, or use the hashtag #IMW13 on Twitter.

Watch the hangout live now...