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How new Google Plus features can help you create great content. Part one: image editing

Google Plus has announced a host of new image editing features, which integrate the brilliant Snapseed application into the social network.

There's also an 'awesome' twist with the addition of animated gifs for sequence photos. A collection of useful tools for anyone who wants to use original imagery in their content. 

On Wednesday Google+ announced a host of improvements. For me, involved in the content side of things, I was particularly interested in the new image features, particularly after hearing that they'd integrated the excellent Snapseed app

Five lovely new features that mean Google Plus is about to take hold

Here's a brief summary of the main G+ improvements in effect today.

We at Econsultancy think it now has the chops to garner more users, and these features may enable the platform to take hold... 

Is Google’s AuthorRank just a myth?

This time last year, I took some time to research the topic of rel="author" for a quick fire talk at BrightonSEO.

This led me to some interesting conclusions around the future of Authorship and its relationship with search engines, particularly in the realms of authors being ranked within a system, which has come to be known as 'AuthorRank'.

It has been a full 18 months since we saw the release of Authorship, but in that time, it appears many people in the industry genuinely believe that AuthorRank is in effect.

In reality, they are two different things, and the latter has actually been coined from within the SEO industry – taking from an earlier patent named “Agent Rank”. My argument is that AuthorRank’s role has been overstated, and any potential effect is being overhyped.

identity - fingerprint

Identity as a search ranking factor

Your personal and brand identity are both influencers on your visibility in search engines. How and to what extent does the power of your brand affect your rankings?

When discussing search engine ranking factors it can be easy to overlook the impact of identity and how it influences the results we see.

The idea of identity as a ranking factor is also linked to social metrics as the ‘strength’ of your identity on social networks can go a long way towards the display of trust and authority.

Four simple actions that will help you get the most of Google+

Love it or hate it, Google+ is here to stay so you may as well start trying to use it to your advantage. The overriding argument for getting on G+ is that, put simply: “It’s Google.”

Think how much of your traffic comes from search. Don’t you want to do everything you can to ensure that you maintain and improve your search rankings?

We’ve previously looked at how G+ and +1s impact SEO performance, and while there doesn’t yet appear to be a direct correlation between the two, there is evidence to suggest that sites with strong social profiles experience a strong uplift in organic traffic.

At Social Media Marketing 2012 Site Visibility’s Kelvin Newman took a closer look at the relationship between G+ and SEO.

He suggested that G+ was created as a way to help Google improve search results by giving it a better understanding of which websites are high quality and relevant by adding social proof.

How social signals influence SEO: five things you need to know

2012 has been a time of great transition in SEO. With Google’s Penguin update in May, we saw a concerted move away from it being duped by black hat techniques, and a move towards beginning to incorporate social signals into its algorithm.

The water’s still a bit murky when it comes to how important social signals are and will be in the landscape of SEO, but here are a few FAQs that you’ll no doubt be very interested in hearing the answers to…

10 brands with great Google+ pages

Overcoming initial doubts about whether the world needed another social network, in just 15 months Google+ has grown from nothing to having more than 250m users.

On average users are on G+ 12 minutes a day, which is just shy of Facebook's average of 14 minutes a day and more than 1m brands now have G+ pages.

It has been helped in no small part by the fact that a strong presence on G+ has SEO benefits, but its continued growth is still testament to the fact that the network offers brands methods of communicating with consumers that can't be found on Facebook or Twitter.

The most obvious example is hangouts, which give brands a unique way of speaking to consumers face-to-face.

We recently trialled hangouts ourselves for the first time in a live chat about email marketing, and is certainly something we will be looking to do more of in future.

So with more brands starting to see the benefits of G+, I decided to compile a list of brands that had been quick to embrace the social network and are reaping the rewards...

Will social media really help SEO?

Is Google really going to rely more on social media signals in the future?

With many people thinking that social media will become an increasingly important SEO weapon, we examine its likely importance in the long term.

When you speak with SEO experts, the hot topic is how social media signals are going to be used increasingly by Google to determine the authority of a website.

It’s believed that the number of Facebook “likes”, Twitter followers, Google +1’s and even You Tube channel views you have, the more credence you could gain from Google.

SXSW: Could developers fill the ghost town of Google Plus?

On one of the main stages today at SXSW, Guy Kawasaki held a fireside chat with Vic Gundotra to talk Google Plus. Is it really the ghost town everyone says it is?

Though Gundotra spoke enthusiastically about the number of active users - 100 million are active within every 30-day period - this accounts for users signed in, not going to the Google+ stream itself. But that shouldn't matter, Gundotra argued, as it's about the whole experience so that should be measured. Does that mean Google+ really is a ghost town and Google doesn't want to admit it?

Will Google+ encourage a new wave of link spam?

Google Search Plus Your WorldIt was about time we had another buzzphrase to obsess over, and Google Search, plus Your World (so concise) fits the bill perfectly.

Here is a social search algorithm update that ticks so many boxes it's like SEO bingo heaven.

I’ve read a lot of articles (some brilliant, one of which is Russell McAthy over on Freshegg, and some have no substance) about the implications of Search+.

After I let all the info sink in, a penny dropped. The conclusion I came to was that Search+ will inevitably be a new source of link spam...

Presidential first as Obama hangs out on Google Plus

President Barack Obama will be the first president to use Google Plus Hangouts to chat with voters in a 45 minute open forum after his State of the Union address tomorrow.

During the session, Obama will answer questions submitted to YouTube, echoing his YouTube town halls of the past, as well as chat live with a select group of questioners.

The opportunities (and pitfalls) of Google+ branded pages

The launch earlier this week of branded pages on the social network, Google+, will have registered on the radar on many marketers.

But is it worth them getting involved? And how should brands go about it?