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Five retailers that do care about Google+

Google+ is never far away from controversy or a heated discussion, be it what affect it has on organic search rankings or whether or not the 359m members (May 2013) actually use the platform or not.

Whatever your thoughts on Google+ as a platform the one area you can’t deny is the improvement from brand participation and content generation.

A few months ago the post on do the top 20 US retailers care about Google+ implied that the big retail brands out there don’t create enough content or receive enough engagement to warrant sufficient investment, which inevitably leads to a poor user experience.

While in theory the top 20 US retailers 'should' understand how to use Google+ and reap the benefits, looking at the summary it’s clear that some of them don’t.

That’s not to say they don’t care about the platform, more likely the potential value has not been demonstrated properly or what future benefits in organic search considered.

How the top US retail brands compare on social

Battle Royal: how the top US retail brands compare on social

In my previous post about the world’s largest brands and their social media presence, I noticed that while tech companies dominated the stats, FMCGs were still clinging on to a couple of top spots.

With this in mind I thought I’d take a closer look at how top FMCG retailers are fairing on the world’s largest social networks. 

Econsultancy Facebook Page

How Econsultancy uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

Inspired by the works of our reporting superstar David Moth, I decided that with all these big brands being covered in our series on social strategies, it was high time we threw our own hat into the ring.

As I’m the one doing it (and an egomaniac), I thought it might be fun to talk about how and why we use different social channels at Econsultancy...


How to hold a great Google+ on-air Hangout the run-up to our Integrated Marketing Week event in New York on June 10th, we’ve been holding a series of Video Expert panels over on our Google+ page.

As with any barely tested, slightly-wobbly video technology, we’ve had a couple of hiccups along the way.

Fortunately we’ve learned from our mistakes, and now you can too. Here’s how to use the new look Google+ to hold a great On Air hangout...