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The end of Instagram? New TOS go into effect Saturday

Instagram became a worldwide cultural phenomenon, mainly by being first to market with a cool idea: a photo sharing app with built in filters and a social platform for sharing.

Now its days may be numbered as the Facebook acquisition and new terms of service make it extremely uncool to the digitally hip.

We used a Twtpoll to ask how many of you will bail on the service after the changes go into effect Saturday. It was a very limited sample size, but the results are still interesting.


AOL bets the farm on responsive design

With publishers serving more and more of their audience through mobile and tablet devices, it's no surprise that responsive designs are growing in popularity.

From the BBC and Guardian to Metro and Express & Star, the number of publishers jumping on the responsive design bandwagon is growing rapidly and for good reason: there's a lot to like about responsive design and done right, it's pretty compelling.


The Guardian upgrades its Android app. Why won't Sky Sports follow suit?

Last week the Guardian released several new upgrades for its already excellent Android app.

The Guardian said that the focus has been on bringing the app up to the higher standards that you find in modern Android app and to offer users a “better, more consistent user experience.” 

I already use The Guardian’s app on a daily basis and find it a joy to use. In contrast, I also use Sky Sports News’ app every day but find the user experience to be quite poor.

As such, I thought I’d take a look at the new updates to The Guardian’s app and compare it to the UX of the Sky Sports News offering.

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The BBC unveils its EU cookie law solution

The ICO's one year amnesty on enforcement of the EU e-Privacy Directive ends tomorrow, and a few more sites have been rolling out their compliance solutions. launched its cookie info banner yesterday, while Channel 4, The Guardian and the Telegraph have today. 

The four approaches are all very different... 


The decade of the entrepreneur is coming

The release of companies topping the Fortune 500 list proved a bright spot in today's still shaky global economy, but John Sviokla, a principal and US business leader for strategy and innovation at PricewaterhouseCoopers, believes there's much good still to anticipate. 

He spoke last week at Guardian's Activate Summit in New York. The summit attracted professionals in the publishing industry and featured such heavy hitters as media giant Arianna Huffington and Jonah Peretti, co-founder of BuzzFeed, perhaps the first true social news organization.


Facebook changes send social reader apps into a nosedive

A couple of months ago, Tanya Cordrey, the director of digital development for the Guardian, made a statement that raised some eyebrows. "It’s only a matter of time until social overtakes search for the Guardian," she told attendees at the Guardian Changing Media Submit.

The impetus for that comment was the Guardian's Facebook app, which enables Facebook users to share the articles they read on with their Facebook friends.


Sky announces on-demand web service NOW TV

Not to be outdone by Channel 4’s announcement about new channel 4Seven at the FT Digital Media Conference a few weeks ago, Sky this morning confirmed details of its new web TV service, called NOW TV, at the opening keynote of the Media Guardian Changing Media Summit in London.

Sky’s Chief Executive, Jeremy Darroch, said that it would provide on-demand access to Sky content on a wide range of broadband-connected devices.


The Guardian's updated iPhone app reviewed

The Guardian released an updated version of its iPhone app yesterday, with the most obvious change being a new subscription model.

The newspaper is replacing the one off charge of £2.39 with two new subscription options: £2.99 for six months or £3.99 for 12. I've been checking out the new app... 



Great news: websites are completely free to run

A massive WTF moment interrupted my reading of The Observer's review of the paywall going up around the Times and Sunday Times.


Review: The Guardian's iPhone app

Having introduced a new mobile website earlier this year, The Guardian's iPhone app was released today.

The app, developed by 2ergo, is £2.39 to download, offers some useful features, such as offline browsing, and a customisable homepage. I've been trying it out this morning...

Guardian iPhone app


Q&A: Pluck's Stephanie Himoff on social media for publishers

Pluck provides social media platforms for brands and publishers, including News International, The Guardian, and Trinity Mirror.

I've been talking to Stephanie Himoff, who directs Pluck's European sales, about the company's social media tools, and how publishers can use UGC to drive traffic and increase engagement...

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The Guardian makes its comments search engine friendly

The Guardian has introduced some welcome updates to its comments system, with comments now handled server-side instead of client side.

This means that the newspaper is not using javascript to display comments anymore, which brings with it a number of benefits, as pointed out by Malcolm Coles: