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How should marketers address wearable concerns?

Wearables are creating new opportunities for marketers, and a number of compelling use cases mean that wearables could be the most disruptive technology developments since the smartphone.

But serious concerns have already emerged.


Fitness trackers: real-world web beacons?

The wearables market is one of the hottest today, and if the market is to live up to its potential, fitness trackers, currently one of the primary drivers of adoption, will have a lot to do with it.


Consumers want brands to support their well-being: study

More than half of consumers feel they aren't sure how to achieve well-being, and many feel that brands can help them figure it out. 

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A personal trainer and entertainer in my pocket: social gaming and apps for diet and exercise

As smart phones and tablets flood the market, a quickly emerging trend is the use of apps and social gaming to encourage healthy eating and exercise habits.

Brands that are focused on improving health have seen this as an opportunity to drive healthy behavior changes and build lasting relationships with customers.

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What will Apple do without Steve Jobs?

The news yesterday that Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be taking a leave of absence to deal with medical issues that are more serious than previously admitted was a surprise to Apple customers, observers and shareholders.

While a company's CEO is just one part of the 'success' equation, Jobs is no ordinary CEO.

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Steve Jobs: "Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Really."

When Steve Jobs announced that he would not be speaking at this year's MacWorld, the blogosphere was rife with rumors that Apple's superstar CEO was battling serious health issues.

Jobs is a survivor of pancreatic cancer and therefore concerns over his health are a constant issue. In recent times, Jobs has appeared noticeably thin, prompting some to speculate that all was not well. His decision not to speak at the next MacWorld, which will be the company's last appearance at the show, only fueled further speculation and caused a drop in Apple's share price.