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To reach Gen Y, will financial services firms warm to the web?

According to a new report, members of Gen Y are less entrepreneurial and more risk averse than their older siblings, parents and grandparents. So it stands to reason that Gen Y, hard particularly hit by the turbulent economic environment of the past five years, probably isn't eager to invest.

But that may not be the case.


In epic Wall Street battle, hedge fund manager turns to AdWords

Billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman believes that Herbalife, a multi-level marketing company, is an illegal pyramid scheme.

And he says not just talking: he's shorted Herbalife stock, which is publicly-traded, to the tune of $1bn.


New Wall Street rules could bring big bucks to digital marketers, agencies and publishers

In New York, two thoroughfares generate huge sums of money each year: Wall Street and Madison Avenue.

For obvious reasons, there's a long-standing relationship between the two, but that relationship could blossom even more under the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act), which was signed into law earlier this year.