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See 2013 through the eyes of Twitter

If I had to sum up my year in 140 characters it would read: during 2013 I’ve been having a lot of problems writing snappy, concise and appropriate sub-headlines in my articles for the Econsultancy blo... 

There are people out there who are much better at this sort of thing than I am, and to celebrate those experts, Twitter has released an interactive widget that lets you explore the past year’s key trends on Twitter, month-by-month and within various different topics such as news, sport and entertainment.

Click on the image below to see for yourself. 


Inception: multichannel marketing that works like a dream

InceptionInstigating a truly multichannel campaign can be a daunting one. You know your business better than anybody, but it's still always helpful to have a few pointers in the right direction at the beginning.

So which industries can we look at to provide a solid example of a truly successful and joined up multichannel campaign that leads customers across channels and encourages them to interact more fully with a brand?

Fortunately there are several places to look, but one of the more obvious can currently be found shoring up your local multiplex: Inception.