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Five more suppliers you should avoid like the plague

Client-supplier relationships are a two way street. That means there are clients that should be avoided like the plague, and there are suppliers that should be avoided like the plague.

Following my post on clients to avoid, Matt Curry, an Econsultancy guest blogger, came back with a list of five suppliers that should be avoided, with a focus on agencies and firms.


Dealing with freelancers: five common mistakes

If you're an entrepreneur or run a small business, chances are you've hired a freelancer or considered hiring a freelancer. And for good reason: when you don't need or can't afford an employee, freelance labor gives you access to talented workers who can take care of a specific set of tasks.

But getting the most out of freelance labor is not always easy because freelancers work differently than employees and many entrepreneurs and small businesses don't understand that. To ensure a successful relationship with a freelancer, here are five common mistakes to avoid.