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Key digital trends for 2013 [infographic]

Our latest Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: Digital Trends for 2013, produced in association with Adobe, looks at what marketers see as the most important trends in the next 12 months

This infographic sums up some of the key findings from the survey of around 700 business respondents...

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Million-Dollar Content Marketing Question

The million-dollar content marketing question

Million-Dollar Content Marketing QuestionNo product was ever more content marketed than content marketing itself. And it worked. Marketers are diving in.

But the ideas that spawned the discipline that created the movement also generated a pile-up of content marketing suppliers, and it’s still growing like topsy.

With supply evolving so rapidly, how are marketers to choose a content marketing partner?

That’s the million-dollar content marketing question.


Small Australian businesses and social media [infographic]

It seems small and medium businesses are still neglecting social media, with only 27% and 34% respectively having a presence on social networking sites.

These figures come from the Yellow Pages Report, which looked at the social media habits of nearly 2,000 Australian SMEs and puts forward a case for why Australian businesses need to invest more time and funding into their social media strategies.

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Social media and sports: winners and losers [infographic]

Sport and social media are obvious partners. Sport provides ‘live’ excitement and social media lets you share the moment with your friends.

It’s a social marriage made in sporting Heaven. 

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Mobile accounts for 20% of Facebook ad spend: infographic

Mobile now represents 20.3% of overall Facebook ad spend, with Google’s Android dominating the market in terms of smartphone spending.

The findings come from a new report by Kenshoo Social that analysed more than 2m Facebook ad clicks and conversions by global advertisers.

It found that the average cost per click on mobile ads (including both smartphones and tablets) is $1.38, 70% more than desktop ads at $0.81.

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Making sense of marketing attribution [infographic]

Only 54% of companies are using any form of marketing attribution, though 89% of those that do report that it is had a postive effect on their business. 

Our recent Quarterly Briefing: Making Sense of Attribution, produced in partnership with Adobe, found that adoption of attribution is growing, driven by social and mobile

This infographic presents some of the key takeaways from that report.


Facebook cheat sheet [Infographic]

Need to save time (while wasting some) on Facebook? Here’s a handy infographic on all the keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate your way around the number one social network.

The Facebook cheat sheet also offers shortcuts for the Facebook emoticons, including one for your own brand page! 

The majority of shortcuts use Alt+ a number, however all these work differently across specific browsers. 

Content Marketing in the UK

The state of content marketing in the UK [infographic]

Econsultancy recently released its first Content Marketing Survey Report, sponsored by Outbrain, based on a survey of more than 1,300 marketers.

We found that this presented some very interesting insights into the current market within the UK. Most notably, that while 90% believe content marketing will become more important over the next 12 months, only 38% of companies have a content marketing strategy in place!

This means that 62% of businesses are missing huge marketing opportunities. 


How do B2B companies use social media? [infographic]

Social media can be a useful tool for creating brand awareness, but are B2B marketers using it for demand generation as well?

According to a survey of more than 500 B2B marketers conducted by Eloqua, 64% of UK businesses use social media as a marketing tool, with the most popular reasons being for brand awareness (83%), encouraging social sharing (56%) and gaining trust and followers (55%).

Less than a third (32%) said they use social for lead generation and just 16% use social to assess market perception of their brand.

Further results from Eloqua’s survey can be seen below or on this dedicated minisite, and to find out more on this topic come to Econsultancy's B2B marketing conference, FUNNEL, at the Emirates Stadium next Tuesday, 13 November. 

FUNNEL was created to help bring together sales and marketing teams to define better ways of turning awareness into interest and interest into revenue – while tracking the entire cycle.

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Social media and brands in Australia [infographic]

Australians love social media - that much is clear - but if you’ve ever wondered what sites have the highest membership per state or why consumers follow certain brands on Twitter and Facebook over others, then this infographic is for you. 

Developed by Marketing magazine and Transmission Design, the infographic looks at the way consumers use social media and what they want from brands. It uses figures from Nielsen’s 'Australian Online Consumer Report' and the results show some interesting stats for how retailers should be using their social media. 


30 tips for promoting your blog content [infographic]

This infographic from Launch Grow Joy contains some useful tips on promoting your blog articles once you have published them.  

Some tips are obvious, such as submitting posts to social sites, but you should find some new ways to promote your content

If you need inspiration for your blog, here are the 34 types of blog post that work wonders for Econsultancy


Four to 15 character subject lines have highest open rates

Mailer Mailer recently came out with an infographic based on their recent Email Marketing Metrics report. With the data they compiled, you can see the success of what time scheduled emailed work best and how well subject lines perform based on the number of characters in it.

For instance: 

  • 70% of messages are opened within the first 16 hours.
  • Messages scheduled for Sunday had higher open and click rates as did ones that were scheduled for midnight.