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PPC accounts for just 6% of total search clicks [infographic]

Paid search only accounts for 6% of total clicks from search engines versus natural search at 94% of clicks, according to research from GroupM UK carried out with Nielsen

Also, women are slightly more prone to clicking on paid search results than males, and, as age increases, so does the likelihood of clicking on paid search results.

The research, based on 28m people in the UK, making a total of 1.4bn search queries during June 2011, is the first in the UK to reveal click through rate (CTR) by natural search position for both brand and non-brand search terms and how these CTRs change by vertical.


Analysis of Australian e-commerce statistics [Infographic]

E-commerce in Australia is a complex, fragmented landscape and one that’s a hot topic in the marketplace - constantly being at the forefront of discussions within the digital industry and wider public sphere

Recently, created a catchy infographic that considers the current e-commerce environment in the region. 


55% of shoppers abandon carts due to shipping costs: infographic

A large proportion of abandoned shopping carts are unavoidable as consumers never really intended to make a purchase in the first place.

Data from comScore shows that 57% of consumers have abandoned a purchase as they were only window shopping while 56% said they abandoned a transaction as they were just saving items for later.

However the next three most popular reasons for abandoning a shopping cart were all to do with shipping costs.

A separate survey that we conducted last year found that 74% of respondents had abandoned a basket due to high delivery charges, while a survey by Trimble found that more than half of respondents (58%) would choose free or discounted shipping as the main way to improve e-commerce.


Intelligent email marketing that drives conversions: infographic

Email marketing is an important channel for maintaining a relationship with customers and driving conversions through targeted messages and offers.

We’ve recently blogged seven tips for managing email marketing campaigns, as well as looking at stats which show that consumers open just 20% of email messages.

Then there’s also the pressing issue of mobile email, as while stats show that 27% of emails are opened on mobile devices results from our Email Marketing Census 2012 reveal that a large number of companies do not have any strategy in place for optimising emails for mobile.

This infographic from Monetate looks at the conversion rate for email marketing compared to Twitter and search, as well revealing ways of increasing sales using email.

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Turning likes into buys: infographic

As we continue to look for ways to bridge the gap between Facebook likes and consumer spending, it's important to see how much social media is affecting potential customers.

A new infographic by CouponCabin and Column Five Media takes a look at just how much influence social media has on consumers, and what types of companies people are more likely to be loyal to.


How websites are using your data [infographic]

This infographic from Baynote looks at how Google, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter are gathering and using your data...

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55% of mobile commerce sales driven by the iPad [infographic]

55% of mobile commerce sales come through the iPad, followed by 29% on iPhone and 13% on Android devices. 

According to stats from Affiliate Window's network, the iPad accounts for 40% of traffic. The stats are taken from 53m clicks and 1.5m sales between January 2011 and June 2012. 

As the infographic shows, mobile tracking is an issue. Over this period, advertisers received £28m in sales for which they were unable to pay commission to affiliates. 


The ROI of personalisation [infographic]

37% of companies surveyed are able to target personalised web content in the right context in real-time, according to stats from our latest Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing

June's briefing, sponsored by Adobe, looks into the latest trends around personalisation, the importance of customer trust when implementing this, and measurement of ROI. 

This infographic shows how companies are personalising the web experience, and how ROI is measured...


Three years of Twitition [infographic]

Twitition, created by Leeds-based agency Branded 3, reached its third anniversary this week. Having started as an idea over breakfast, it has since been used by 8m people, and 200,000 petitions have been created. 

It has since been used by Lady Gaga, to campaign against the US 'Don’t ask, don’t tell’ law, and has been targeted by Chinese hackers, thanks to Twititions relating to the arrest of Chinese artist and activist Ai WeiWei. 

This infographic presents a potted history of the tool, and shows some of the major milestones... 


Create merchandising magic with product badges: infographic

As online shoppers we like to think our purchases are based on rational decisions rather than manipulative sales techniques.

But in reality, we are quite likely to be swayed by simple graphics that highlight a product as ‘new’ or as a ‘bestseller.’

This infographic created by Monetate suggests that product badges can actually improve conversion rates by as much as 55%, so it’s clearly a sales method that can’t be ignored.


The ROI of Facebook and Twitter [infographic]

This infographic from InventHelp looks at how brands can measure the success of social media campaigns on Twitter and Facebook.

It shows how Google Analytics Assisted Conversions can be used to correlate social media traffic with sales, as well as showing some success stories from brands.  


Maximizing the impact of Generation Y in the workforce: Infographic

Most marketers seem interested in diving into the minds of the millennials. This especially applies as Generation Y move to become a central part of the workforce (yes, this means they'll have more money).

MBA@UNC, the online mba program at the University of North Carolina, launched a new infographic today on the whos, hows and whys of managing Generation Y. This was made in partnership with the Young Entrepreneur Council as part of their #FixYoungAmerica campaign.