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HTML5: what marketers need to know [infographic]

According to stats from Uberflip, HTML5 is being used by almost 50% of developers, and is projected to grow to 80% within the next three years. 

This infographic summarises the potential benefits of HTML5, and looks at how some brands are using it... 


The Econsultancy MSc and me: a graduate's point of view [infographic]

Recently, Econsultancy announced the news that over 90% of the latest graduates from its MSc programmes in Digital Marketing Communications and Internet Retailing achieved a merit or higher.

I can proudly say that I am one of these graduates. As I was recently asked to recount my MSc experience, I thought it would be of interest to those of you considering applying.

Econsultancy 100,000 Twitter followers

How @Econsultancy got 100,000 Twitter followers [Infographic]'re not generally ones to blow our own trumpets here at Econsultancy, but last week our main Twitter account (@Econsultancy, feel free to follow us!) sailed past the 100,000 followers mark.

That's quite a milestone in anyone's books, so I decided to take a closer look at our followers, who they are and what they do (and of course, what they're worth... ).

It turns out, there are a LOT of facts and figures flying around that are fascinating to look at, and what better way to compile them than in that most tweet-worthy way: An infographic.

We'd also like to say thanks to everyone there for helping us get to this point, we've learned a huge amount about every aspect of our business thanks to your feedback and had a great time along the way. 

Anyway, enough gushing, check out the stats! 


This week's top six infographics

Here's a round up of some of the best infographics we've seen this week. 

Topics include the world app economy, the best time to post links on social media, the evolution of content marketing, and some shameless self-promotion.

If your eyes are straining to see the detail, you can click on some of the images for larger versions...


Consumer attitudes to data privacy [infographic]

One in three consumers now regard their personal information as a tradable commodity, according to stats from a DMA survey of 1,020 adults. 

These consumers are prepared to share their details for marketing purposes, as long as they trust the brand in question, while others would 'sell' their data for a discount. 


Online reviewers are altruistic [infographic]

People leaving product reviews online are motivated by helping fellow shoppers or to reward companies for good service.

This infographic from Demandforce also looks at how consumers are influenced by reviews, and their importance for local businesses. 

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The power and growth of mobile marketing: infographic

If you are a frequent reader of the Econsultancy blog, you’ll be well aware that mobile is an extremely important channel for marketers.

The ability to target consumers anytime, anywhere, is a massive opportunity for brands and advertisers, so it’s no wonder that mobile marketing investment is predicted to triple in the next four years.

But in order to make best use of the opportunity, advertisers need to understand who is using mobile and what they are using it for.


What do consumers think of social media marketing on mobile?

Stats show the massive growth in the use of smartphones to access social media, but how will consumers react to social media marketing on their mobiles

Some of the stats in this DMA infographic suggest there is some resitance to this. For example, 44% regard marketing on mobile social media as invasive, while 52% believe that ads should only be seen by fans or followers of brands.


Top 250 internet retailers on social media: infographic

It should come as no surprise that 97% of the top 250 internet retailers have a Facebook presence.

However, did you realise that 61% of them have a Pinterest account? Or that just 67% are on Google+?

Social analytics firm Campalyst has pulled together this infographic to reveal how the top internet retailers use social media.

It uses data for the top 250 e-tailers from Internet Retailer's top 500 from 2011.


The role of social media in financial services marketing

Today, LinkedIn launched its inaugural Financial Services Summit in New York which focused on the role social media is playing in the financial services industry. The first panel brought together representatives from American Express, Citi, Fidelity Investments, Prudential Retirement and Hearsay Social to talk about using social media in financial marketing.

It was curious to see a panel on social media where only two out of six individuals on the panel have Twitter accounts. One was Clara Shih, who runs the agency Hearsay Social, and the other, Frank Eliason, SVP of Social for Citi. The panelists' lack of Twitter accounts felt like a microcosm highlighting how most financial service organizations are behind in social media.


Managing the flood of big data: infographic

As large web companies are selling us on the value of big data, they are also peddling their own cloud services to help you make sense of all the information you feel compelled to process. 

Just as Amazon Web Services is showing how it's changing businesses with its scalable and affordable data and analytic services, IBM has been developing its own solution with Netezza, an acquisition they made in 2010.


The ultimate customer experience: infographic

It’s no secret that delivering an excellent customer experience has a positive impact on conversion rates and revenue.

Amazon is the perfect example of this. Its massive growth has been driven in no small part by its painless one-click payment system and excellent customer service.

This infographic, produced by Monetate, shows that 73% of consumers would buy again from a retailer if they had a superior customer experience, while 89% would shun a business if they had a bad experience.