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The incredible shrinking Yahoo: infographic

Yahoo’s fall from grace is well documented, with its once dominant position in the search industry undermined by years of mismanagement.

New CEO Scott Thompson has a major task on his hands reversing the company’s declining fortunes, with his plans currently focused on boosting ad revenues and forging a closer alliance with Microsoft.


How social are UK SEO agencies: infographic

We’ve talked often about the overlap between social and search.

MDG Advertising suggests that the two channels hold exponentially more power when marketers use them in tandem – and the infographic the agency produced proved to be incredibly popular. 

We're yet to find a search professional that believes their discipline can exist in a bubble, but are people practising what they preach?


Fortune 500 social media statistics: infographic

Fortune 500 companies aren’t all suited to having a huge social media presence – you can’t imagine many people ‘liking’ Exxon Mobile, for example.

However, for the consumer brands and FMCGs on the list having a strong social media presence is an important marketing consideration.


The tag revolution: infographic

One of the hottest topics from Digital Cream London 2012 last month was attribution.

Though not neccessarily the sexiest of subjects, the potential to use this to directly measure which marketing activities are driving conversions is huge.

As DC Storm's Seth Richardson outlined for us, the real value is the long term campaign and budget optimisation benefits.


The growth of mobile commerce: infographic

Thanks to the iPhone and the popularity of smartphones, we've seen rapid growth of mobile commerce over the last couple of years, something we've covered in detail on this blog

According to IMRG stats, 7.7% of visits to UK e-commerce sites came from mobiles in 2011, accounting for 3.3% of all purchases. 

This may seem low, but though most have seen the light, not every retailer has launched a mobile site or app. For those companies with more forward thinking mobile strategies, the gains are there to be had. 

For example, 18% of Ocado's sales came via mobile last year, while Dominos made £10m via mobile last year, and £1m in just one week early in 2012. 

This infographic from IMRG and eDigital Research contains some great stats on m-commerce growth from 2009 to 2012...


The legal history of Google: infographic

As a firm at the sharp end of information management online, Google pushes the boundaries more than most – and consumers, the press, politicians and the legal world will often push back from the other side.

Progress should be the product of those opposing forces. So here’s an infographic charting the legal history of Google from 2003-2011. We at Greenlight will let you decide.

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Pinterest for retailers and content marketers: infographic

As everyone goes Pinterest crazy, more and more stats are emerging about its potential for online retailers and marketers. 

This infographic from Maxymiser contains some useful data on who is using the site, what they are doing on the site, as well as some ideas on how brands can use Pinterest

For more on Pinterest, see guest blogger Dave Wieneke's three part series. He explains its potential for digital marketers, the copyright issues which may threaten it, and Pinterest's business model

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Social versus search: infographic

The launch of Google+ certainly put social search on the table, raising awareness within agencies and brands alike after an initial frenzy over the combined concept in 2010.

And while separately they have their strengths, it's not an either/or situation, or even placing more emphasis on one over the other - both are an essential part of a marketer's toolkit. 

Like many others, MDG Advertising suggests that the two channels hold exponentially more power when marketers use them in tandem.


Payvment study shows sellers use Facebook ads to drive f-commerce

Payvment, Facebook's biggest e-commerce platform, has released its first 'F-commerce Facts' study.

A series of questions was sent to a selection of companies from the company's 100,000 sellers, spread across 12 countries.

72% of the 750 respondents have less than 500 fans, so this provides a snapshot of the way small businesses view their storefronts.

The research doesn't show how successful f-commerce has been for them per se, but does suggest strong adoption of Facebook ads to aid selling (39% have used this method) - with most of those surveyed planning to use them again (70%).

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Designing the perfect email call to action: infographic

Email marketing is a tricky process – done right and it can be a valuable tool for driving extra traffic to your site, but get it wrong and all your hard work will be sent to the recycling bin after a brief skim read.

And that’s if the person you've sent it to even bothers to open it.


Web testing and moving beyond the landing page: infographic

We're all fans of testing and measurement here at Econsultancy. It might not be the sexiest of disciplines, but the results can often have a phenomenal effect on how people interact with your business.

Taking a stab at what you think people might do on your site, or how they'll use your service, is a good place to start - but thorough analysis is something every business should be investing in.


Gender-based marketing: infographic

Community site G+, not to be confused with Google+, has taken a look at gender difference in marketing this week - an issue that came up just this week during a session I was running on social customer service.

Though my response was that making sweeping statements about behaviour according to gender was a difficult thing to do - and isn't entirely useful - it is fair to say that in the US at least, women retain a lot of control over buying decisions.

I'd still take the stats below (based on US data) with a pinch of salt, there are nuances in demographic, platform, network - but there are some interesting findings within. Particularly the point about biological programming and the colour pink...

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