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License to create? Information overload is no longer an issue

Do you find yourself lying awake at night worrying about the sheer amount of information that exists on the web?

No? It seems as though you’re not alone.


Econsultancy reports roundup: March 2012 month, Econsultancy publishes a range of reports covering best practice, market data, template files, trends and innovation and more. In short; loads of useful stuff. 

Econsultancy members (Silver and above) have access to all our reports free of charge, but as our research team is currently firing on all cylinders, I thought it would be useful for new members (and existing ones) to have a quick roundup of everything we’ve published in the past month. 

This month we published seven new reports and updates, including the Internet Statistics Compendium, The Econsultancy/Adestra Email Marketing Census, our new SEO Agencies Buyer’s Guide, a B2B trends briefing, a display advertising best practice guide and more. 

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Why the real-time web isn't really important

There's a new buzzphrase floating around - the "real-time web."

I won't mention the service this buzzword is often attached to. There's already far too much discussion of it.